Monster Hunter Alpha, audio book is out  For those of you that haven’t listened to these yet, Oliver Wyman does an excellent job. 

This last weekend I needed to get back into the grove of writing Owen. (been working on Grimnoir).  So I listened to Monster Hunter Vendetta while painting miniatures. I’m obviously biased because I wrote the thing, but oh man, what a good production. The voices for G-Nome, Melvin, and especially Mr. Trash Bags are astounding. With Mr. Trash Bags winning Best Audiobook Supporting Actor for 2010. 🙂   I talked to Oliver about that. He said that he was hoarse for days after doing Mr. Trash Bags.

I think this may be a new record for me
Alpha reviews and John Brown says why I am awesome

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  1. Larry, please make Oliver keep doing these audiobooks! He does an amazing job with all of the characters.

    1. For those like me who couldn’t finish the audio book due to missing chapters, I found out that it only seems to be the enhance format version that is messed up. Format 4 Is working great.

  2. Interesting. The author paints miniatures. How many of your readers
    do the same? I know of 4 and I’m one of them. Keep on writing and keep on painting….

    1. Been painting minis since I was 12. I’m now, shit, 37. Quarter of a century. Unfortunately my pile of unpainted metal/plastic is enough to keep me busy for two full centuries at the pace I go if I didn’t ever buy another one. But I doubt that’s going to happen.

      1. As I said possession is nine tenths of the hobby. And you have good intentions as well….we all know what road is paved with those things….

  3. I’ve painted a few over the years, my eyes just don’t like it very much and I haven’t found a decent magnifying lamp that helps without having to hold the piece so close the bulbs burn my hands. Still, I did enjoy it back in the day!

    1. Some of the LED ones are quite good. The visors and loupes (search for ‘dental loupes’) that attach to glasses are great, but do give that ‘mad scientist’ look. This may or may not be a plus…

  4. You guys are still kids. Been painting and sculpting since 1971. I work in larger scales in my old age ( 75mm to 120mm ) but still cranked out an award winning 28mm mounted fantasy two years ago at the MFCA. I work mostly Napoleonics ( nice range and variety ) and Native Americans ( for the Wife….she thinks she’s an Indian Princess and her Irish Mom and Pop
    always backed her up ). RabidAllen get some Ott Lights….they’re cooler. And crazyluco…remember: Possession is nine tenths of the hobby!
    Paint on and read on.

    1. Nine tenths sounds a little low to me….

      I also am a mini gamer so I do get something out of them when they’re not painted. And I’d love, as I’ve said before, to see the Grimnoir world adapted into a skirmish-level mini game.

  5. Having listened to the other two, (and the David Weber books that Oliver did) that is great news that Oliver is doing this book too. Frankly he’s the best I’ve ever listened too. Including “Agincourt” by Bernard Cornwell, which was narrated by John Hurt. That one was very well done. Oliver does it even better.

    Oliver puts you right in the book you know exactly who is who, even telling Julie from her mom, (egaaaad, talk about horrible in-laws) which is dang difficult to reproduce as a narrator.

    The Mr. Trashbags was amazing. Seriously rocked, and was a stand out even on an already wonderfully produced book. I’m one that doesnt listen to the radio any more at all, I just keep about 30 books on my phone, plug in to the truck “aux” port and off to work and back. Just move them on and off as they are done.

    Nice when in a data center and doing something tedious like cabling up a rack of servers, have a good or great book keeping my mind occupied. Usually don’t even notice when my feet go to sleep if I’m that into it (little lie, god I hate that feeling).

    Excuse me, have to go buy MH Alpha in Audio now…

  6. About a third of the way through MHA and can’t stop playback on my Fruit Company Device (I don’t believe in giving free plugs to evil empires no matter how much I like their products)

    Just be warnned, MHA has been taken down on Audible for some reason. This often happens in the first few days of releases on that site and it will be back by tomorrow at the latest.

    P.S. I want a freaking MHI hat now!!!

  7. If you buy the MHA Audiobook, remember to submit your rating or a review with Audible.


  8. Ok MH Alphas… sound like wolves may play a big part… I so hope you don’t mention reverse knees…

    I really enjoy the books. Really fell for the world of the Grimnoir with Hard Magic so gave MHI a chance. Almost done with it, but as a wolf obsessed person and a werewolf nut, the reverse knee thing is killing me.

    I mean I read this line “His pants ripped as his kness reversed direction.” Wait so that means his legs don’t actually change into a wolfs leg, but instead basically becomes a leg without a thigh? What about the foot? is it still a foot with an ankle? Ugh, this is killing me man. So the instead of the normal leg all mammals have, it is basically a leg minus the thigh and with flat feet?

    This was the closest thing to a contact I could find on the page…

    I really do enjoy the books though. The characters and how much depth they have and are built and grow is awesome. The worlds are engaging and interesting. But the reverse knees…

    1. Yes, I know. I was told that by a whole lot of people after MHI. I try to get my facts right, but am merely a mortal man. 🙂

  9. Be warnned… The book cuts out near th end of Chapter 31. The full file is not there. I am sending Audible a note to see what the deal is. I’ll keep you aprised. Soooooooooo very anoyed since I am nearly at the end

  10. I am loving the audiobook so far. The problem is that chapter 32 and 33 are missing so I cant finish.

  11. Update on the Audio problem. Audible have been made aware and will fix it ASAP. Just end of chapters 31 and all of 32 and 33 are missing. I’ll drop a note when it is fixed.

  12. Pleased to report that the problem has now been corrected and the missing chapters are back in the Audio Book. (runs off, giggleing like a madman to finish the book)

  13. I just finished listening to alpha on audiobook. The narrator did an awesome job! Especially Nicholai – at first I thought it was Christopher Walken doing the part.
    Please keep using Oliver for your audiobooks!

  14. Loved this book even without Owen . characters are great and Earl is a BADASS Oliver Wyman did an awesome job narrating -even though I thought Nicolie sounded alot like a poor christpher Walken imperetion- that just made it better lmao . Cant wait for next book and for Jason and Pit to meet <.< Thank Larry thanks Oliver and most of all thanks too EARL

  15. I have listened to all 3 mhi books at least twice. This is absolutely awesome stuff. When will monster hunter legion come out?

      1. Groan…can’t wait that long…Looks like Baen (and Larry..) is going to be getting more money from me for eArcs for this novel too…



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