Monster Hunter Alpha is shipping

MHA is shipping early from Amazon. Dang it. This is good news for you guys, bad news for my stats during release week.  That’s okay though, all you early receivers can make it up to me by posting reviews and spamming your friends. 🙂 

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #259 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

On Border's closing
1 Week to MHA! (unless you got an eReader, then see below)

27 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Alpha is shipping”

  1. I just saw the charge hit my card for the preorder at Amazon.

    Hope Alpha sells like hotcakes – you have sure got the knack for creating characters and story-lines! Love the MH series!

    Fair Winds!

    Texas Fans
    Jan & Dennis

  2. I will post a review on my blog; I don’t have that many readers, but every one counts. I’ve had the e-arc for a couple of months, and it’s the only book besides Alice in Wonderland that I haven’t removed from the Kindle after one reading (I’ve read it 3 times already).

  3. Dang, I pre-ordered, feel guilty about that now. Sorry, man. If its any consolation, I’ve gotten three of my friends hooked so far (two have read MHI, one read about three chapters of MHI and immediately went and ordered everything else that was available). Two more to go, and that will complete my social list. LOL

  4. So what’s the status on Dead Six? It’s still showing as ‘forthcoming’ on the October Webscription when the rest of the books that month have the first half up…

  5. Since I pre-ordered, I’ve now purchased every Monster Hunter book twice, once electronically, once in paper form. And I spammed my friends and family yesterday. Hope that helps.

  6. Bought it from Baen for my Kindle. The only problem is that I still need to finish Hard Magic before I can start Alpha. When’s the book tour going to hit the Northwest? 😉

  7. Glad I ordered a couple from Hugo’s. Everyone that hasn’t, just ordered the signed ones from Hugo’s. I do understand the freak-out of wanting it as soon as possible, but signed by the man himself? I hope there are still some left.

  8. Bought it direct from Baen just now since I really have converted away from dead-tree books in the past year (love my Kindle!). Now if only Baen would work with Amazon to resolve whatever issues they have and would stick them in Amazon’s Kindle store that would be awesome! Hopefully I get time to read MH: Alpha on the cruise i’m about to leave for.

    I also posted to Facebook to recommend your books to my 300 friends on there so hopefully you will snag a few new readers from that.

  9. Stayed up late last night to finish it. It was definitely a different book than MHI or MHV. Initially, I wasn’t sure where it ranked among the three but I’ve come around to thinking that it was the best yet. MHI was where you created the universe and MHV was a fanstastic sequel. But MHA is where you took an established character, explained his world and then tore it apart, and did it all with a polished style. That takes great talent and shows just how well you’ve mastered your craft.

  10. Ok Larry, I’m sorry if this messes up your stats for NYT, but I happened to drop by B&N tonight, and what did I see on the shelf already but Monster Hunter Alpha on the shelf 3 days early, and I just had to buy it. I don’t know how that works with release dates, and if managers can get in trouble for putting it out before the official date. But I figured hey if they’re selling then I’m buying. I couldn’t help myself 🙂

  11. Like Jeff above me, I saw it at my local B&N today (Jordan Landing– which, incidentally had a nice sign proclaiming your signing next week), but I didn’t pick it up– I’ll go in next week and get it so 1) it helps your week-of stats and 2) I can get my signed copy!

  12. I preordered MHA through B&N. They shipped it last week, so I’ll be reading it soon. I’ll also post reviews on my blog and on B&N’s site.
    I wish I could attend your signing, but I don’t trust my truck on I-70 – its older than I am.
    I’ll do my best to get my friends reading your books though.

  13. My wife and I just picked up our copies at Mysterious Galaxy!

    Also, when you were here for the signing of Hard Magic, I asked you about the grips on your STI. Any chance of getting that information from you?

    1. I sent a message to Rabbit at STI, who got them for me. I’ll post as soon as I’ve got his contact info.

  14. How many badasses and super secret organizations can you fit into one universe? The final battle that’s being hinted at kinda gives me a Repairman Jack Secret Histories vibe. It would be SICK if Repairman Jack made a cameo at some point in the series. I think Rakoshi count as monsters. Oh and I read the ENTIRE thread/forum that started Dead Six. I’m hyped.

  15. Saw some news today that reminded me of a passage in Monster Hunter Alpha. OnStar is changing their terms so that they can sell your location data even if you unsubscribe to the service. (

    In the book, Horst had disabled his OnStar. You may have meant that as an example of his poorly thought out paranoia, but, well…even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

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