1 Week to MHA! (unless you got an eReader, then see below)

Monster Hunter Alpha is officially out in ONE WEEK.

But if you’ve got a Nook or a Kindle, it is out now:  http://www.webscription.net/p-1416-monster-hunter-alpha.aspx 

And Kindle/Nook people, this is probably my #1 FAQ. Yes, my books are available for your eReader, but only from Baen. (see link above), and then you can stick it on your eReader of choice in whatever format you want, and even share it with other eReaders. Yes, I would love to have have my books on the Amazon or Nook store, but it isn’t my decision to make. On the bright side, Baen eBooks are cheaper and DRM software free.

Monster Hunter Alpha is shipping
Hey bookstore staff, you want some bookplates?

28 thoughts on “1 Week to MHA! (unless you got an eReader, then see below)”

    1. I’m reading it at work today and I’m at about the same point.

      Gotta say Mr Correia did a pretty good job capturing the personality archetypes af the area. Speant 3 years learning metallurgy at MTU and I might know a few of the people mentioned.

  1. DRM-free? Heck, Baen just went up about a dozen notches in my opinion. “Dumbass Repressive Mentality” sucks. Still prefer a hard copy full of dead trees in my hands, though, so gotta wait until Amazon releases and ships. Really lovin “Hard Magic” right now, though!

  2. Got it, can’t wait to get home and throw it on the Nook. Please keep using Baen as your ebook distributer, I love being able to decide how and with what device I read my books.

    Keep up the good writting!

  3. I have electronic copies, of course, since I’m “all eBook all the time” for personal reading.

    OTOH, that hasn’t stopped me from reserving half a dozen copies over at Other Change of Hobbit to give as gifts to friends.

    Amazon reports: “In stock but may require an extra 1-2 days to process.”

    I just posted a review over on Amazon:

    A Whole New Benchmark For Awesome

    Larry Correia is creating a trademark of ingenuity, innovation, and an absolutely wicked sense of humor. The same things that made the prior books in the series, “Monster Hunter International” (Not your standard elves.) and “Monster Hunter Vendetta” (Stand back! I’m going to fight magic with science.) return in hurricane force.

    In this case, the book is more of a solo dip into hellfire for one of the major players in the first two books: Earl Harbinger, MHI’s operations chief. He’s the oldest living werewolf in the world, and one of the few who is NOT on the U.S. Government’s “Kill On Sight” list.

    The action in the novel shifts a bit between who Harbinger is now, and the events and people and monsters out of his past who have gathered in Michigan to try and kill him. There’s a fine irony in the oldest living werewolf having to be the world’s best werewolf destroyer, but Harbinger and the people of the besieged town in which he finds himself stranded must meet the challenge, or the plague of werewolves will spread…

    I won’t spoil the wonderfully ingenious ways they defend themselves, but I will say my jaw dropped when I realized just what Harbinger and party were up to, and Correia’s magnificent two-word description of the results still has me laughing like hell, three months after I read the electronic ARC of this awesome book.

    One warning, do not drink anything while actively reading. Stop, sip, swallow and THEN continue, or you risk a very soggy book.

    Thank you, Larry. Please keep them coming.

  4. I have been loving reading MHA on my Android Tablet. Aldiko has been an excellent e-reader and has been quite workable on all my MHI/GC stuff. 😀

  5. Baen finally released the last 1/4 just after “Dance with Dragons”, so I’m already locked into that. And, with Comicon this week, it’ll be next week at least before I can dive into MHA.

    For those that don’t know, the Baen Webscriptions are a ridiculously awesome deal. For $18 – approximately what you’d expect to pay for a Kindle version through Amazon – you get 6 or 7 books, a mix of new releases and classics.

    It’s not a subscription in the classic sense either; you can buy just a single month with titles that interest you.

    I’ve bought all of the new MHI and the Grimnoir books that way and I wish all the publishers had a similar program!

  6. I sure do loves me some BAENs (also extra plurals). I don’t have a problem with DRM if it’s done in a way that isn’t much of a hassle, but books are a bit of an exception, because I know I’ll want to re-read them, probably many, many years later. BAEN not only has no DRM that could break, but you can also download the books in relatively future-proof simple formats like HTML or RTF for archiving.

  7. I’ve been holding out with another blog post until about now. I posted a plea just before you posted your plea, so I thought I’d pull the trigger (so to speak) right before release. Hope it helps some. I can’t wait to get my books from Hugo’s.

  8. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!
    Dag Nabbit! bank account empty, and can’t use cash to buy ebook!
    I am thwarted!
    I guess I will just have to wait for next week, unless I can find someone who will take my cash and buy the ebook for me. (Puppy Dog Eyes)

  9. Beware of Baen! They are not only DRM free, THEY GIVE STUFF AWAY! (First taste is free…)

    Charter member of BOMA; Baen Owns My Ass

    Congratulations Larry! Another fine job. I expect you to join Drake, Ringo, Weber and Flint in keeping my disposable income suppressed for the foreseeable future.

    1. At least you know that when you are BOMA, you are never alone… If BOMA held meetings, they’d need a stadium.

  10. I just finished it this afternoon, and it KICKED ASS!! Seriously, Larry, your writing skills are much improved from MHI, and I’m still in awe at the imagination you have in coming up with all the monsters and surprises…keep ’em coming — I’ll keep buying them.

    And, another shout out to Baen for the webscriptions and cheap DRM-free, hassle-free books. Good on them for doing it!

  11. Stayed up all night reading it. You get better and better with every book. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  12. Gah. I ordered the dead-tree editions (for the bookplate!) from Uncle Hugo’s. I can’t afford to buy the e-book formats on top of that!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the e-book version of any book you buy the hardcopy version of, for no additional charge? I mean, once it’s been created, it costs nothing to provide it in another format. Movies on DVD/Blue Ray are already doing it – providing a free electronic copy.

    1. Dirk:

      Baen already does that, at least with their hardback editions.

      In each new hardback from a series author, Weber, Ringo, Flint, and now Bujold, they include a CD-Rom with all the author’s prior works in the series and most, if not all, of the author’s other works along with associated works from other authors.

      The CD-Roms are not copy protected in any way and, in fact, Baen encourages anyone with one to “Copy and Distribute Freely”, an anti-DRM legal notice prominently displayed on the surface of each CD-Rom.

      Eric Flint got it started with the Baen Free library several years ago where He and Jim Baen put up the first book in David Weber’s Honor Harrington series ‘On Basilisk Station’ for free and saw the paper back sales of that book and all the other early books in that series take off.

      Now there are over a hundred free books by many of Baen’s most popular authors available in the free library at http:\www.baen.com/library/ .

      Check it out.



      1. I forgot to mention two short stories “Tanya: Princess of the Elves” and ‘The Grimnoir Chronicles: Detroit Christmas’ by some guy named Larry Correia are also available at the Free Library for a limited time.

        Limited at least in the sense that someday the Singularity will happen and we’ll all be in direct mental contact with Larry and able to experience the books directly as he thinks them up. But until then this is your best, and cheapest, alternative.


  13. Amazon said last night that they are sending the books out early. I hope that doesn’t mess up the NYT rankings for Larry.

  14. I have the paper version on pre-order from Amazon, but I had to go get backup copies for my readers, so I just purchased all three e-versions. At least this way I won’t have to fight with my wife over the paper copy.

  15. Not sure what to make of this, but I picked up a dead-tree copy of MHA at a place called Book People in Austin yesterday. I went in to get a copy of TGC:HM, but they had MHA on the shelf (new) as well. I thought it was a little early.

  16. Is there much of a difference in the final version as the e-ARC, Larry? B/c I already have the e-ARC (and loved it).

    Considering several of my favorite authors are on webscription.net, I buy about as much from it as I do from amazon.com’s kindle store.

    E-ink e-readers ftw!

  17. Larry,

    Getting ready to go on webscription and get it. I try to hold myself back from the ARCs as they cost more and have niggling little typos that drive me nuts.

    Totally off track here. I follow Instapundit.com. He mentioned your work favorably by the way. Anyway there was a link to PJM with an interview with Sarah Hoyt who won some Libertarian book award. I am a rabid libertarian (a legacy of Heinlein). Sarah said that she only recently stopped stripping her politics out of her work. Said that the genre was over-run by the PC crowd. I had not noticed being a Baen boy since discovering the free library. I couldn’t believe it until I discovered Whatever, Scalzi’s blog. I loved Old Man’s War and wanted to check him out. Full on rant about Republican morons.

    I’ll be at Renovation in August. Haven’t been to a Con in decades. Is there a place where the Baen authors hang out? I’m too old to start hanging out with the left-wing, PC crowd.

    My guilty pleasure has always been senseless violence action movies. Your books are way better. One thing you and JK Rowling have in common. Your not afraid of killing a good charachter if the plot demands it.

    Keep up the good work,

  18. Just downloaded it. I almost feel guilty since unlike B&N ebooks it is actually cheaper than the paper version. So far enjoying it as much as the other 2.

  19. Have you examined your contract with Baen regarding e-books? Do they hold exclusive rights? I know two prominent authors on Baen who’re self-publishing to Amazon and B&N because of Baen’s bizarre policy in that area. A conversation with Weiskopf and Flint produced no clear explanation of why ignoring the venues that comprise over 90% of e-book sales is a good idea.

    I know about this first hand because I’m doing the production work on these books, and frankly, the Baen EPUBs and MOBIs are awful. There appears to have been no proofreading or verification that Calibre (plainly denoted in the metadata) hadn’t screwed up the conversion. Calibre is a good example of getting what you pay for. It isn’t suitable as a professional publishing tool. Not yet, at least.

    Perhaps new works get better treatment than the backlist but the fact remains that for millions of Kindle and nook owners, if they cannot buy it at Amazon or B&N and have it appear automatically on their device, it doesn’t exist.

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