If you want your autograph personalized…

Place your order this week.  http://www.unclehugo.com/prod/ah-correia-larry.php  If you want your autographed MHA personalized, you’ll need to get your order in this week.  If you don’t care, and you just want a signature, then you’ve got more time to order. 

I just need to get all of these signed and in the mail soon to make sure they arrive in plenty of time. 

Oh, and coming in the next few days, the 2nd Monster Hunter Design Your Own Patch Contest. 🙂  Like last time, the winners patch will show up in a book. (Monster Hunter Legion in this case) Details coming soon.

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5 thoughts on “If you want your autograph personalized…”

  1. Done and done, Larry! I also just called Uncle Hugo’s back and added another copy for my mom! She said she wanted a copy of the book where I die. LOL. Gee… thanks mom.

  2. Okay I go over there and don’t see any way to get the personalized plate. As one of the buyers of the first publication of MHI, I’d like to get a peronalized copy of the third book. Will it work to just call Hugo?

  3. Already preordered. EMDFL, I think it’ss under “Special Instructions” in checkout. Larry, if you get a call from them about some crazy bastard from Seattle it’s probably me… LOL

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