17 thoughts on “Contest to win a Monster Hunter Alpha galley proof copy”

  1. It says to email our entries, but it doesn’t actually say what the entry needs to be. Is it just contact information?

  2. …or whether its limited to one entry per individual, or per day, or “set up a script to spam our inbox” unlimited entries.

  3. I am curious about the spambot agent? Can we? Please? Not that I am good enough to write a script…but I will sit there and keep hitting send, if I have to! I’ll do it from multiple accounts if it gets me a better shot. 😉

  4. Well, shoot. If we can win a whole Monster Hunter, I choose Holly. I take that back. One of the eligible female orc’s would do just fine… half orc kids would be so cool. It’s not technically slavery if I win them in a contest right?

  5. Uh, Guys.
    It’s July’s contest, as in, starts in a few days from now.
    I’m sure Baen will post the criteria for the give away once the start day
    gets here. 🙂

  6. “It’s not technically slavery if I win them in a contest right?”

    It’s not technically slavery if you can keep them from ripping your head off, I think.

    And don’t forget, the worgs come as part of the package deal. And you are going to need a skidloader for a pooper-scooper. Just sayin’.

  7. I’d say netiquette dictates you one should only enter one time.

    Half orc kids? Hmm… sounds like there’s a story in there somewhere.

    Grognash Fredrick Smith JR Just didn’t fit in with the other kids. The humans were too fragile and scared of him. While the Orcs said he smelled funny because of all his human pheromones.

    Poor Grognash just wanted to have friends but his tusks weren’t big enough for the Orcs. So he spent most of his time tinkering with bags of fertilizer and mother’s cleaning supplies.

    It wasn’t until after he accidentally reduced the Smith family barn to smoldering toothpicks that he found his true calling and MHI showed up with a job offer.

    “You mean I gets paid ta blow up stuff?”

    Milo nodded, “Pretty much. You interested?”

    “Is them shoggoth big an’ lumpy?”

    “I’ll take that as a yes.”

    1. Flip… I didn’t even take into account what my little ones social life would be like. There’s so much to think about now. I’d have to stay on the rez so he could have other kids he could play with. And so the Feds don’t have to fake a gas main explosion to take out our entire neighborhood.
      I’ll just have to have a big family like I did. The first little dude/dudette will have it rough but once we get some out, smooth sailing. What little orc bully’s gonna mess with the Schneider’s half breeds when he’ll get jumped but all six of them?
      You’re right. They’ll undoubtably be first pick drafts into MHI.

  8. Morning All,
    I have a question or two people may be able to answer.
    What’s a “signed bound galley”? Is it a kitchen that’s all tied up onboard a vessel with graffiti slagging off the cook, or is it a wooden vessel which has some carving of ‘Bill loves Mary 4 ever’? I couldn’t quite understand that one.
    The English language has lots of colourful expression due to local idioms, but that one just leaves me lost.

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