The Zombie Panel  I was on a panel at CONduit discussing zombies. We had a blast. Probably one of the funner panels I’ve been on.  I was up there with my friends, co-author Mike Kupari, ghosthunter Tom Carr, artist & writer Zach Hill, writer Jaleta Clegg, and writer & b-movie expert Nathan Shumate.

Have a listen. We had a good time on this one.

Dead Six, Chapter Titles
Joe Biden and Bud Light presents: teh bestest president EVAR!

10 thoughts on “The Zombie Panel”

  1. excellent panel, I wish I could have made to the con. Have you read J.L. Bourne’s zombie series day by day armageddon and beyond exile, if you haven’t I highly recommend them along w/peter clines Ex-heroes because who doesn’t love superheroes and zombies.

    1. YES!! MHA reference! I read the eARC and that part with the snow cutter was AWESOME!! I just hope the whole MH series comes out in Hardback just so I can have the “official” collection.

  2. That was a great panel. They mentioned “Aaaah! Zombies” and that was really cool. It was just so different from all of the others and I thought it was hilariously awesome.

  3. Plus the sidebar conversation between Correia and Kupari about the Swedish K or the S&W 76 in “Omega Man” cracked me up (pretty sure it was the S&W). Only true gun nuts need to clarify EXACTLY what firearms were used in a movie.

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