10 thoughts on “Signing in Seattle tonight – University Bookstore at 7”

  1. Damn! I’d swear I checked your signing schedule and didn’t see Seattle listed. Sorry to miss you, stuck at home with the kids tonight.

    Although, you could skip Spokane tomorrow and come shoot some Fun Steel with me tomorrow 😉

  2. Kickass time tonight, Larry! Thanks… and when I consider someone worth enduring time in Sodom on the Sound to hang with, that says a lot about the esteem I hold them in.

    Cool author, cool fellow crowd-members… this is why Monster Hunter Nation freakin’ ROCKS!

  3. You may have already addressed this but I was wondering why no Kindle versions of your books? I am going to by Hard Magic anyways, but I was hoping to get it on my kindle. Not that big of deal, as I dont mind having a physical copy of the book, more curious than anything. Thanks.

  4. Hey Larry!

    I was justing reading the beginning of Monster Hunter International a couple of days ago. Love the sarcasm.

    You’ll be in my neck of the woods on Sunday. Perhaps I’ll see you there!


  5. Well, the local B&N got the book up on the slelf and I got the last copy thoday. As a plank holder on the original good ship MHI(not counting the three Baen copies that I gave away to get my original back, heh), would it be okay to send my copy of HM out to you for a sig?

  6. Thanks for coming around Seattle Larry, had a blast hearing you talk about your upcoming projects! 😀
    Swing by again when your next book comes out!

  7. Nice to see you make it out to the Seattle area. I am sure your signing went well. I really had no plans to visit, not a fan of collecting signatures or meeting authors. Did that one time with David Eddings, needless to say he was a donkey. Anyways bought and read your new eArc of Monster Hunters disappointed it wasn’t about Owen, but as I read it was still disappointed it wasn’t about Owen. But I read it all and still am a fan. Looking forward to the new installment of Grimnoir. Jake is one of my all time favorite characters. Nice job on that. Please keep writing, though your political views are all whacked out I am a huge fan of your work.

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