Signing at Powells in Beaverton tonight

I’ll be at Powells in Beaverton Oregon, starting tonight at 7:00.  Today we manged to visit most of the book stores in the Portland area. I found the Danner factory outlet store and spent $500 on several pairs of blemished size 15 goodness… Because when you have feet like mine, you buy every pair of shoes you can find.

Also, my wife has decreed that I can no longer refer to Beaverton as Beaver By the Ton. (which in my defense, I only did every single time I saw Beaverton on a road sign, which in her defense, was a lot). See you there tonight.

Also, when driving around downtown, Portland’s college student pedestrians are far too hip and urban to look both ways before crossing the street. Looking both ways is soooooo lame… I think I might have run over Scott Pilgrum.  Meh… Oh well. 

Up next, Seattle. Signing at the University Bookstore on Friday night.

Signing in Seattle tonight - University Bookstore at 7
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13 thoughts on “Signing at Powells in Beaverton tonight”

  1. Ways to test your marriage:

    A) Have kids
    B) Remodel the house (bonus points if you do this while the better half is pregnant)
    C) Go on a roadtrip and find annoying sayings: Repeat as if you’re still 3
    D) Invest lifesavings in A Real Hot Tip (“Brandywine, in the 7th, to win”)

    “And in news of the bizarre, a New York Times Best Selling Author was found strangled with bootlaces, by the side of the road, in Oregon. The note left pinned to his chest, with a Fountain Pen, contained 491 hash marks and a similar number of road signs. Lost residents of the Beaverton area were also found wandering as far away as Albuquerque. Film at eleven.”

  2. Larry,

    Which of the 3 or 4 “University Bookstores” in Seattle?
    The main UW one on University Ave?
    The UW one at Husky Central?
    The UW at the Odegaard Library?
    The Seattle University Bookstore? (not UW)

    Just asking…


  3. Never mind…found it on the UW Events page…

    The U district store:
    4326 University Way NE
    Seattle, WA 98105


  4. Having never been there, is it truly “Beaver by the ton”? It’s that way some places in the South. Yeegads. If they fall on you, you are dead. 350 pounds, 165 kg, No j/k. Some are more.
    I feared for my life in NC. And saw a couple in South Texas that together probably pushed 750 pounds – I would bet money on it. My wife quickly got on the side of me opposite them. It was surprising we didn’t have a NEST team on site investigating each massive footstep as a potential nuclear test.

  5. Cool–see ya Friday, Larry! I’ll be the dude who looks kinda like Owen’s pale, bespectacled, better-dressed and laptop-packin’ Mini-Me…

  6. If you heard a reverberating disembodied voice in the background yelling “KO!” then the kid was probably Scott Pilgrim.

  7. Showed this to my wife and she rolled her eyes and said that your wife must be a saint or on her way to being one. And there would be no jury of her peers that would convict her. They would say it was justifiable!

  8. That was fun last night. I was bummed I had to leave before the actual signing but it was interesting to hear you in person and drum up interest in your new book.

  9. I feel your pain Larry. As a fellow size 15, I snap up anything I find.

    When are you going to hit up the South Florida/Georgia/Alabama side of things? We’re the rednecks who keep buying all your books 😉

  10. My sister got to meet you there and was very impressed. Got my platoon hooked on you, and my family, and most of my friends.

    Now I just need to figure out how to get complete strangers hooked.

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