47 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Alpha eARC available NOW!”

  1. This is quite possibly the best news I’ve had all month, not counting UBL getting wacked. Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Well crap, I’d been hoping to get some sleep tonight. Guess thats wishful thinking now lol.

    Can’t wait to read it, thanks Larry.

  3. YEAH! Bought and paid for.

    This could not come at a better time, since I literally finished my second reading of Hard Magic fifteen minutes ago.

    My day is made.

  4. First page response:
    NOOOOOO! You’ve been Buckleyed.

    Oh wait, that means you’ve made it at Baen.

    Who Hooo!

    no back to page two.

    1. Hmm, no spoilers, how about a quick snerk?

      Related: Omnomnom, nice book. Spotted a quote from your Iron Man 2 review. I agree with the hook, had me giggling.

      Please let me snerk! I can do it really cruelly without spoilers! 😛

      1. Ironically in line with the policies of every hospital I’ve been employed in. Still, you hurt me.

  5. Good thing this is a “No Spoilers” zone!

    I think you’ve got another winner here. I need my sleep, and yet here I am, up til 0’dark thirty, to see What Happens Next! Excellent job! And since the Whirlwind Autograph Tour has already been by, I can’t bug you for spoilers on the next book! Darn it to Heck.

    Now I’m going to try to get some sleep, and hopefully not dream about .

  6. Woo hoo, been waiting on this will have to pick it up for reading after I finish re-reading Game of Thrones since i’m watching it on HBO now.. :-).

  7. Larry,

    I got to chapter 5 last night before I crashed into bed. Imagine just how extremely excited I was when I got to the last 3/4 of chapter 2 and saw the introduction of my character! OH MAN I’M AWESOME! I can’t wait to see how I die! LOL

    1. Oh Ryan, whatever you did (donated) to get red-shirted was worth it. Your character’s had one of the best Red-Shirt deaths I have ever read.

  8. I can’t wait to hear the reactions to all the folks who got their redshirts!! In particular I’ve been wanting to hear Ryan and Larry’s responses… 🙂

    1. If you aren’t kidding, Larry did a charity fundraiser for people to be red-shirted (killed) in this book. I didn’t have the jack at the time, so I got a Combat Wombat shirt instead for less dough. Not sure if those are still being sold. If Larry ever comes to Texas again, he has books and a shirt to sign for me.

  9. Wait, which Wednesday? Tonight the 11th, or next week, the 18th? I live here in the Portland area, and might just have to take a jaunt over to the west side….. 🙂

    Why you got to do this to me? I’m still reading Hard Magic and now you gotta go waving MHA in my face at well!?!?!

    Maybe if I eat bologna and don’t sleep at night for the rest of the week, I can get the MHA eARC now…
    (That bastid Corriea…)

  11. oh no…must…resist the urge.. to buy it now…

    ..oh, well, so much for that…off I go on the express train to Spoilerville…eArc here I come!



  12. Larry, how much of the $15 for the eARC actually goes your way?

    I say this because I’ve gotten addicted to purchasing the eARCs the moment they’re available, but I don’t have any room on my bookshelves for new hardbacks and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t shorting you in terms of overall book profits by picking up the pre-release.

  13. If Larry come to the DFW area I could make the trip down but if he’s that close maybe he could catch a Southwest hop up to OKC. I know bookstores here that would love to have a signing.

  14. Woo-hoo!! Doesn’t get much better than this! My signed copies of Hard Magic and MHI and MHV arrive today from Uncle Hugo’s and I get the MHA
    e-Arc! Result!!


  15. “Correia hath murther’d sleep…”

    Seriously, good read on MHA, even if I did arrive in formation having only slept two hours.

  16. Just awesome. I loved Travis from Texas. Any idea when the next book is coming out?

    Thanks from gunless Canada, Alex.

  17. Don’t want to wait but have to wait. Stupid Microsoft test next week, and if i get the ARC now, I wont study.

    Guess that will be my reward for passing. I blame Microsoft for making me wait.

    Listening to MH Vendetta currently while driving to work, just finished MHI yesterday. I’ll be right up on the story line at least. So the waiting will be good for me.

    I hate waiting.

    I’ve said this before, but, dang Oliver Wyman did a great job on the production of these books. And yeah, no way can I listen to the whole book through, before Monday. Not when its almost 24 hours long. Even though I’ve read MHV twice already as well.

    At least I’ll be up on my “Cthuloid Entity lore”

    Did I mention I hate waiting?

  18. Have just read the sample chapters. Awesome. Win.

    …. now I have to borrow my Dad’s credit card to buy the E-ARC, on account of living on cash only <.<

    Also, I enjoyed the nods to the previous books, and especially liked Earl's diary. I was also chuckling at the luska – it's Sharktopus!

    All in all, excellent. Even though the price is going to be steep for me, since I'm in Malaysia and our exchange rate with the dollar isn't favorable, it's going to be so worth it.

  19. Got it Tuesday. Read it in a day. Absolutely fantastic! Could not put it down. Now the long wait for your next project to be released.

    Anybody recognize the similarities here? Withdrawals… Temporary relief from a fix… Then back to withdrawals again. Larry, you’re providing you readers with the literary equivalent of crack cocaine.

    Keep up the great work!

  20. Too bad I already bought the Webscription; I just can’t justify buying the eARC also. Still it stops me from devouring the whole book in one quick orgy of literary consumption.
    So far I like it a lot, though the tone feels somehow darker than the others.

  21. Do you want comments about inconsistencies? This is about an inconsistency between MHV and MHA w.r.t. minotaurs.

  22. “Well, it’s always messy, but we’ve reached a whole ‘nother level on this one.”

    Bravo Sir, Bravo!!!

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