Done in Minneapolis, next up Layton Utah

I did the signing at Uncle Hugos today. If you want an autographed copy of Hard Magic, he has some left.

Thanks to the good folks at Uncle Hugos. I had a great time.

I liked Minneapolis, I also drove around and visited as many other bookstores as I could and signed all of their store stock. The road system here is insane, and apparently using your turn signal is a show of weakness. The concept of merging is foreign to Minnesotans. Look a blinker. That means to speed up!  This wouldn’t be such a big deal, except that Minneapolis has exit ramps in the right lane, left lane, and sometimes even in the middle. It is very exciting.

The African food at the Midtown exchange is awesome though.

Next up, fly home and have a signing at the Layton Utah B&N on Tuesday night.

After that, it is off to Arizona.

And, because I can’t help but check:

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1,281 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

Ding dong, the witch is dead!
Signing at Uncle Hugo's starting at 1:00 today

11 thoughts on “Done in Minneapolis, next up Layton Utah”

  1. Defensive driving is normal in Minnesota, and by defensive I mean defending the lane your in. The only thing I’ve found that helps is to drive something old big and dented and just change lanes anyway.

    I got delayed and didn’t get in to Minneapolis for the signing, so I ordered Hard Magic from Amazon, and while I was at it I also pre ordered Dead Six and Monster Hunter Alpha. I hit the order button before I saw that Hard Magic II was available for pre order. You’ve got more books coming out than most full time authors when do you find time to sleep?

  2. Had a lot of fun at the signing today, Larry. For future reference, the way you change lanes in Minneapolis is look, see the opening you intend to move into, and hit the turn signal as you turn the wheel. Putting on the turn signal and then waiting to see what others will do just tells us that you aren’t serious about changing lanes. Though your suggestion that the way to change lanes to the right is to signal you’re going left was interesting.

    At least you didn’t run into the road up north where the sign says “Middle lane disappears.” And yes, they mean it.

  3. Larry, congrats on surviving the Cheeseheads…

    BTW, about how long does a typical signing last? I’ve got the “Insert” phase for Seattle planned if it’s the location on University Way, but “Extraction” could be the big complication depending on how late the evening goes…

    1. Actually, the Cheeseheads are one state over…

      I don’t know Larry’s answer for how long a typical signing lasts (I’ve been to exactly two now, including Larry’s), and I can only say that it didn’t last long enough for those of us who were seriously enjoying the conversation. 🙂

  4. In my Australian home town indicators are considered a decorative addition to the car and not necessary for road safety, round-a-bouts are an audition for V8 rally cars and red lights mean stop for some, go for others and “Oh my god, that bus is not going to stop, get out of the way!” for the rest. Keeps your mind on the road at the least.

    1. Sorry ’bout that… musta been confused by the fact that anyone who voted for Mondale musta had Swiss between the ears. LOL

  5. It was great to meet and chat with you, Larry! Hope you can make it back to this area again sometime.

    I could try and put a word the ear of someone high enough up the totem pole at work to get you a tour at Federal the next time you’re in town, if that’d help bring you back… :^)

  6. “in” as in “in the ear”
    Some of us just don’t do so well putting all the words in there.

  7. Oh, so that’s why Kurt built the Vector.

    (About the only thing that doesn’t move for the Vector is Tractor-Trailers and Armor. 😉 )

  8. We southerners learned the lesson of never announcing your battle plans to the enemy the hard way at Antietam.

    On a semi-related note.
    Georgia driver’s exam question 6:

    When approaching a lighted intersection and the light turns yellow which of the following should you do:

    1. Carefully slow down and prepare to stop.

    2. Floor the accelerator because the guy behind you is already doing the same.

    3. Unsafe your weapon and prepare to fire.


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