Signing at Uncle Hugo's starting at 1:00 today

I’m signing at Uncle Hugos today from 1-3. 

That is from signing the mail orders last night. That’s probably half of what I signed because they kept reloading the table as we went.

As for Minneapolis, what do you people have against letting somebody merge on the freeway? It is like survival of the fittest out there NO! I see your blinker! I DENY YOUR BLINKER!

If you are curious, here is a really good review of Hard Magic from Elitist Book Reviews:

And Hard Magic is doing well on Amazon too.

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1,470 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

Also, Amazon only has 6 copies left of the hard cover. I told you the hard covers were limited. 🙂

Done in Minneapolis, next up Layton Utah
My audio books are doing really well!

14 thoughts on “Signing at Uncle Hugo's starting at 1:00 today”

  1. I cannot wait to get my copies in the mail. One for me (of course) and the other a 21st birthday present for my brother. He is going to love it.

  2. That was a great review, and I agree with Steve that Larry’s character development in Hard Magic is superbly executed, and that the book is superior to the MHI series. I disagree with him about the cover though; I think it has the ideal Chandler-esque feel that the story fulfills.

      1. Agreed! For over a year now I’ve gone back and forth on which I like better- MHI or Grimnoir. I still can’t quite make up my mind. Grimnoir is better in a lot of ways (and really shows how much Larry has grown as a writer), but I still adore MHI (it just seems more “fun” overall.) I just can’t decide (which says a lot about Larry as a writer)
        As far as the cover goes:

  3. I haven’t read Hard Magic yet, though I expect to buy it soon, having read “Detroit Christmas.”

    As for merging in Minnesota, I dunno, but Connecticut is an adventure. The on-ramps are usually about three quarters of a car-length long and people tend to like to pass right at the top of the ramp, preventing right-lane traffic from moving over.

  4. I’ve gotta say… wow. I loved the MHI books, but this just walks all over them imo. I mean, as far as superhero novels go, this is right up there (and beyond) some of the best Wildcards books and Wylie’s Gladiator (the books the comics ripped Superman off of). Also pretty timely since that’s supposed to be ‘the next big thing’ after the whole vampire/zombie fad. Most of those types of books either go too campy and end up like golden age comics in print, but this actually felt believeable and ofc, like all Correia books, was a pure thrill ride.

    The characters are more fully developed but even better, the universe is just a heck of a lot more fun than that of MHI; its always great when the good guys can lay down some ridiculous carnage because it’s fun to see a good first person description of a person wielding that kind of power. I really hope this isn’t going to just be a one-off series, a single trilogy and then the universe is abandoned, because quite frankly it’s one of the most fun worlds in fantasy/scifi fiction, if not the most.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of this series goes. Quite frankly if Sullivan isn’t flying and using himself as a kinetic strike weapon by the end of things I’ll be sorely disappointed 😀 I think just about anyone who got hold of the ability to manipulate gravity would buy themselves a parachute and not stop pushing it until they could manage sustained flight. And every time it described him putting the squeeze on something with increased gravity I could think of little other than what our favorite Heavy could do with a few flakes of weaponized uranium.

    So yeah, I really hope to see a lot more of this world. I mean, this has a helluva lot more promising starting point than Wild Cards, and look how long those have gone on. I could definitely stand to see some side stories (or even other main story lines, since this one is very behind the scenes, maybe a look into some more public goings-on) involving more new protagonists (if it gets the popularity it should a wild cards style heavily interlinked anthology story or even trilogy giving us the opportunity to see the wielding of more powers first hand would be great) and definitely some later books or a later series involving ‘modern times’ with the cogs’ technological advances carried forward and people developing large power sets as the Power grows. Obviously this story line is heading towards the confrontation with the Enemy, but there are plenty of other people who could be a threat after that battle is over.

    Just can’t say enough about how excited I am for this new world, and how much I loved the first title. The only problem is now every new MHI book I read I’ll be saying… “Damn, if only this was a Grimnoir novel,” but then that’ll go for every book I read for a while. Larry Correia is the master of the fantasy thriller 😀

    1. Sorry for the disjointed rambling post by the way, but I just couldn’t find enough good things to say about this series. I’ve been reading a lot of superhero type fiction lately (and I know it’s all dressed up as magic, but clearly that’s what this all is) since picking up the wildcards series, and mostly I’ve just been accepting drivel because it fell into a genre I had become addicted to. It was really nice to find something that was not only legitimitely good and in that genre, but one of the best books I’ve read in a good long while.

  5. Does Uncle Hugo’s send confirmation emails when the order is being processed?

    Haven’t had any notice yet.

  6. Larry,
    Purchased 4 of your hard covers as gifts. While keeping one for myself of course. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to reading the whole book without having to hit page down on a computer.

  7. Larry,

    Enjoyed talking with you at the Uncle Hugo signing. Thanks for the patch. I’m about halfway thru HM & MHV, enjoying them both.

    Just remember, if you have a carlength and a millimeter, merge. If you don’t, fire up the dual 240’s under the hood and make yourself a space.;-)

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