My audio books are doing really well!


and MHV 

Turns out that I’m kicking butt on  The reviews are great as well. I think it is because Oliver Wyman did such an excellent job on the narration. I’m telling you, the guy is a great. Very professional to work with, too.

Signing at Uncle Hugo's starting at 1:00 today
Hard Magic releases in a couple of days!

4 thoughts on “My audio books are doing really well!”

  1. The books translate well to audio. Not all books do. I am listening to MHI Vendetta right now. Will Hard Magic come out in audio?

  2. I finished MHI today at work.
    Wyman did a very good job.
    He gave each character a distinct voice did good job on the females to.I have read MHI & MHV multiple times but enjoyed listening to the story.Wish had the money right now to get MHV in audio. Larry is Oliver Wyman doing Hard Magic to?

  3. Oliver Wyman did do an excellent job. All of the characters are distinct and emotive and evocative. I’m on MHI just after Grant took a swim.

    Damn good stuff on the commute to work, and when down in a server room, just me, the servers, and MHI. Which, thinking about it, is a nice thing, as while I haven’t heard of vampire servers, I’ve seen some possessed ones over the years.

    As Earl Harbinger said: “Flexible minds, people!”

  4. I just finished MHI about a half hour ago, and my new Audible credit came in today, so I’m listening to MH Vendetta as it’s downloading to my iPhone. I LOVE this series, can’t wait for more after this. 🙂

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