Happy Easter from the Monster Hunter Nation

My kids painted eggs tonight. They obviously know what pays the bills around here.

Also, sort of funny. I looked out the window about ten minutes ago and there was the biggest jack rabbit I’ve ever seen sitting on the lawn. I’ve seen a lot of jack rabbits in my day, but this thing was massive. Not quite Night of the Lepus by any means, but it was bigger than our yard marmots. My youngest kid thought that was just absolutely awesome, because actually spotting the Easter bunny is a good omen of chocolate to come. 🙂

Tomorrow we will go to church, and we’ll talk to that kid about the reason for the holiday, but the spotting the actual magic super bunny? That’s pretty hard to beat.

I am a Campbell Award finalist

13 thoughts on “Happy Easter from the Monster Hunter Nation”

  1. I foresee some future uses for a giant sized Easter Bunny (Bunnies?) in a MHI style of way. Maybe high intelligence,secret agent style, combat rabbits who work for the gubbmint spotting monsters and providing intelligence. Make them speak rabbitese and sound Canadian.

    BTW, Happy Easter!

  2. I dunno, the kid sounds a little young to be learning about the Britsh fertility goddess. (Where’d you think we got the rabbits & eggs from?)

  3. Congrats on the Hugo nomination. Great that my favorite Utahans are getting the recognition they deserve.

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