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  1. “Fourteen hours of reading” is a very weird metric for a book. Wouldn’t a rough mass market paperback equivalent page count be more appropriate? I mean, reading speed is probably one of the most varied things about your reading audience.

    You’re going to have people like me, who sneeze and accidentally inhale books, and you’re going to have people for whom spending the current ridiculous $8.99 price for paperbacks is actually a really good entertainment value.


    I mean, I’m still going to buy it, but it’s just odd, y’know?

  2. Hi “Perlhaqr,”

    Thanks for reading and check out Larry’s story, The Bull King, which is based on a chapter from Larry’s upcoming novel, Hard Magic. All of Larry’s novels fit so well into the Crimson Pact idea, which is demons escaping into many different worlds and stories of those who fight them.

    Perhaps this will help. The Crimson Pact has 26 stories total: 15 short stories, and 11 flash fiction stories, with a total of about 130,000 words, which is equivalent to a 400-450 page paperback depending on the formatting.

    If you get a chance, let us know how long it took you to read the whole book, and note that some eBooks are only 10,000 words and cost. $0.99 (novelette size), so $5 for 130,000 is a great deal.

    Paul Genesse
    Editor of The Crimson Pact

  3. Nah, I’m not objecting to the price at all, (in fact, I already bought a copy right after posting this, and well done on your implementation of “go to the site, seamlessly transfer to making the payment, then to downloading the book” by the way) my commentary was more just the sort of sad feeling I get buying paperbacks now, knowing I’m going to read the whole thing in like 6 hours. Of course, it’s still a better deal than going to see a movie in the theater, and I can re-read a book.

    I’ll let you know how long it takes me to get through it. I have to finish up “Fountainhead” first.

      1. Dear Perlhaqr,

        Holy cow! You are a super fast reader. It must be your super power. I’d say you’re about two to three times as fast as most people.

        I hope you enjoyed the stories and please write a review if you get a moment.

        Best wishes,

        Paul Genesse

  4. Unfortunately I seem to be getting an invalid archive from the version on the download link. I’ve tried using both the native Win7 unzip and 7-zip as well as several different download attempts. No go.

  5. Paul, I just submitted a flash fiction for the next installment entitled, “Crimson Ink”

    Thanks for your lectures at LTUE by the way.

    I think I’ll pick up the e-book of the first volume here in a bit and check it out. I enjoyed “The Failed Crusade.” It definitely sets the stage for a wide open world(s) of demon conflict.

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