13 thoughts on “I'm going to StellarCon next week”

  1. Crap. The one time you come out to this side of the country, and it is the weekend I’m helping my friend move from PA to VA. (She’s actually taking the 2nd floor of the house I rent in VA.)
    Oh well, hopefully you’ll come out this way again soon!

  2. Excellent! Be sure to sample the excellent regional barbecue, the most famous of which is found in Lexington, just down the road from your convention.

  3. Have fun Larry!

    I met you at LTUE and had never read one of your books, started MHI on Sunday and finished it today. Damn what a roller coaster!

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Wow! Larry! You honor us unclean easterners with your presence? Yes! There is a God! I’m checking to see if I can swing down that way and get a signed copy of anything from you for my son who is a big fan. I’ll be the tall, fat looking, slob in the Scout Master Hat if I can make it.

    1. Ok. Rough plans made. Son will be joining me so be ready for an excited 17 year old and his 2nd and 3rd copies of your first book and Vendetta if we can pry it from his sisters hands.
      Looking forward to meeting you!


      1. Bad news. All of this melting snow and coming rain has canceled our plans to go to StellarCon due to all of the flooding in this region. Broke my Son’s heart and mine too. Sorry, Larry. Any plans on coming back out this way soon? We’d really like to meet you. See if you can get a gig in Indianapolis or Chicago, or even Cinncinnatti. We’ll make it, just not with all the flooding in Ohio, lower Indiana, and Kentucky.

  5. Awww..that is a shame. I am in NC during the week but not the weekend unfortunately. Maybe next time…


  6. First part of the state name was right, I almost got excited.
    Sadly I don’t think that North Dakota HAS any type of con.
    Now I will go over here in the corner and pout.

  7. Larry, will there be copies of your books available at the con for signing? I have all your books in electronic format and having you sign my phone just wouldn’t work.

  8. Larry, great meeting you yesterday at Stellarcon. You are a great author and a nice guy. My son had never had a chance to meet an author before and was really impressed that you were such a regular person, well that and what a big guy you are. I hat that we missed the range trip, hopefully you will make it back to this coast again soon. Oh and thanks for signing the t-shirt and book.

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