Autographed HARD MAGIC! Order now!

Here is the ordering page for Uncle Hugo’s.  You can order your autographed copies of The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic now!

And to answer the FAQs

1. It is available in hard cover ($25) or trade paperback ($15)  The trade is the big sized paperback. There is only a single limited run of a couple thousand hard covers available. Originally it was planned to just do the paperbacks, but the hards are by popular demand. When they are gone, they are gone.

2. I’m doing personalizations. So if you want something other than just my autograph just note it on your Uncle Hugo’s order. That was nice of them to offer to keep track of that.

3. They ship overseas and to APOs.

4. I will be doing a signing in person there on April 30th from 1-3.

Here is the previous blog post where I got a head count. They ordered according to my headcount plus extras for their locals and then some, but please if you posted there that you were going to get one, don’t stiff them.

HARD MAGIC eARC available NOW!
I'm on the Lars Larson show Friday night

19 thoughts on “Autographed HARD MAGIC! Order now!”

  1. Awesome News! (2 of each, here.)

    Also, a serious THANK YOU for your time and effort! Uncle Hugo earns an attaboy as well.
    Keep ’em in the 10 ring – Jim

  2. Thanks Larry. Just ordered my signed hardcopy. And an additional signed, personalized copy for a friend.

  3. Followed through on ordering a hardcover as indicated in the previous thread and the Mrs has been informed that we have plans for April 30.

    Many thanks!

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