Back from SHOT!

I got back last night. Wow, what a show.

I was invited to be a special guest and do a book signing at the STI booths. For a little background, back when I was in the gun business I was a huge STI geek, and ended up being their 3rd biggest volume dealer in the country. Their sales guy at the time, Rabbit Boyett, has since gone on to become STI’s marketing director. (you may have seen Rabbit’s name pop up in the Thank You section of MHV).  So, since other gun companies were brining in their own fancy bestselling novelists, the boys from Texas figured that they knew one of them fancy bestselling authors too!

I already had a Perfect 10 on order from them. So since I was going to be there anyway, the staff at STI went above and beyond to build an awesome custom gun to have it in time to display for SHOT. Turns out that I’ve got a bunch of fans on staff. Special thanks go to Chris Schirmer, head of QC for putting in a ton of work. (and he is totally getting red shirted in Monster Hunter Legion)

Behold the AWESOME:    



I wish I would have taken more detailed pictures at the show, because this still has to go back to Texas for some finishing touches. Wait until you see the crown. The fit on the end of this thing is the best that I’ve ever seen. Super pistol smith Mark Morris thought it was nice. It also has a second fitted .40 barrel. Since the breech face is the same, I can swap calibers in a minute.

STI makes amazing pistols. Absolutely amazing. My Tac 4.15 makes me look like a much better shooter than I actually am. There is a reason that among the top shooters in the country, most of them either run an STI or get sponsored by somebody else so they can’t run an STI even though they’d like to.

The book signings went well. I sold 100 of the books I brought and signed a bunch more that people brought with them.

I got to meet all sorts of cool folks.


And Uncle Ted personally blessed my new custom 10mm as being “awesome”.  Plus it got fondled by some of the top shooters in the world as they came through the STI booth, so hopefully their mojo rubbed off on it. (Note, if you bite a top competitive shooter you DO NOT gain their powers!)

I found a bunch of other cool products. I’m going to be checking a few of them out in the near future and posting about them here.  

That is the actual Model 29 from Dirty Harry.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but at some point I ended up wearing a pirate hat and a live parrot.

Now it is back to work. I’ve got a couple hundred e-mails to respond to, and Toni has sent back some edits she needs me to make to Hard Magic. Then back to Dark Ocean. Busy times!

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30 thoughts on “Back from SHOT!”

  1. Holy carp, Larry. That is definitely one of the coolest guns I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see it when it’s all the way complete.

    And you got to touch The Dirty Harry .44 Magnum?!?!?!?! Words cannot describe my jealousy (I am a HUGE Clint Eastwood fan)

  2. Nice! Too bad I can’t wrap my hands around a doublestack… 🙁

    Perchance, did you get over to Kel-Tec’s booth? Their take on the Neostead looks like something Milo’s have an AD in his pants over…:D LOL

    1. Have you tried an STI double stack? Only 1/8″ difference between it and a standard 1911 (Hey, I’m just sayin’ ) 😀

  3. “(Note, if you bite a top competitive shooter you DO NOT gain their powers!)”

    What if one of them bites you? Perhaps if you properly baited yourself with BBQ sauce you could gain superhuman abilities.

  4. There are maybe only five people on the planet who would actually look scarier wearing that hat. Congratulations on being one of them! 😉

  5. This so unfair, when are you going to take one of us to The Shot Show with you.
    A custom gun design, the Uncle Ted, and the Shot Show, you so rule.
    Now I have to go and whine and cry. 😉

  6. Hmmm…

    Nice 1911, but I would have asked them to do a low-mount job on the Bo-Mars. That’s just me, though.

    Congrats on the most excellent week.

    1. Great to see you at SHOT and thanks for signing my books. Very nice job that STI did for you on your 10mm. Now you got to find a way to carry a 10 in your news books lol all kinding aside a real pleasure to meet you and hope to have you out at one of our matchs soon. Keep writing it pisses off the libs.

  7. That last picture was… interesting. I guess now we know what Captain Jack Sparrow would look like if he had been played by James Gandolfini.

  8. Your new toy is beautiful! When will it be finished?

    I’m so jealous of the people who were able to meet you and get autographs! I don’t suppose you’ll be stopping by the Rocket City anytime soon?

  9. Reading all the weapon modifications from the MHI novels and what I expect from Dead-Six… I wish you were around the East Coast to help me build on one or more of my 6 firearms. Do you have a best of opinion blog on weapons and modifications? I am no stranger to firearms since I served 8 years in the Army, from a Military family and avid shooter. I just don’t have the extensive knowledge base and would love to hear your opinions. In my entire collection I do not own a shotgun. I own 2 Sig-Sauers (Agent Franks Dies Hard and so does my love for Sigs) pistols, M4, M1911A2, M1 Garand (proud purchase when I was at Ft. Sill for only $160.00 in 90′, and a Flintlock Rifle. I have two young daughters and believe I need boyfriend attitude adjustment and motivator! (though I am 6’3 and a big Scottish/Irish/Russian Tank) 🙂 I have years before the horomone whislte blows but would like your input for home defense, recreational shooting and general “scare the shit out of any boys” who come by?! My former Marine father in-law also has such a collection and he tells me old school is the way to go.. but he was a Marine.. nuff said. 😉

    Cheers and thank you for MHI & MHI-V…. it’s truly the best and I can’t wait for your next book!!


  10. Larry got to meet Ted who hunts tasty critters on TV with flying stubby things and whom hangs out with Hannity…

    Exszrsd is going to be so sad he missed the show.

  11. OK, I’m really, Really, REALLY envious.
    Ted? Harry Callahan’s .44? Dread Pyrate Robert’s hat?
    A parrot that hasn’t slipped this mortal coil?
    And I SO need that MHI auto to go with my MHI revolver.

  12. Seriously, you need to redshirt the PISTOL, not just the builder (which of course, you should). I wish STI’s were CA legal…..given your SXXX eating grin, you know what a lucky bastige you are.

    As for your Baen “short” – I’ve gotten ~10 Tor story prompts in the last year, BOORRRINNGG, haven’t bothered to finish a one, reading on computer stinks.

    I’ve no idea who was #1 on the short list at Baen – I read #2 (Tanya) start to finish, and was pissed when it ended. I copied it for my old WinMobile 6 device, and read it in the dark while my youngest boy was feeling bad. Your focus in short stories is appreciated.

    Keep up the great work, I really look forward to the ARC releases of your new stuff.

    Brian in CA

    PS Where’s your 100th Anny 1911? Which book will is show up in?

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