16 US cities that are going bankrupt


Interesting… Of those cities, how many are run by republicans? We saw something similar last year with the list of 10 worst-off states, with 8 being blue, one being purple, and one red, and when I visited that red state everyone was cursing Janet Napolitano for screwing up everything while she was in charge.

I guess the lesson for democrats is that eventually you’re going to run out of other people’s money and the good times end.

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You've got to see what they put on the STI webpage

26 thoughts on “16 US cities that are going bankrupt”

  1. I’ve been commenting on that story this morning.

    Did you know that typing “Balance the budget”, “Quit spending money you don’t have” and “Stop listening to Keynesian economists” is a great way to troll for liberals?

  2. I just wish those lefties had the courage of their convictions, and stayed in the states they’d ruined, rather than leaving (like spores from a fungus) and then infecting other states (like Colorado).

  3. Well, don’t worry, gang. Eventually the United States will just economically collapse, with all of the strife and discord that brings. Then there’ll be nowhere for them to go.


    1. I’m pretty sure that Europe as a whole will collapse first. The trick will be to see if the US and individual states can keep themselves from going the same way once it happens.

  4. The way I see it, it’s not a Republican or a Democrate that thing, because the GOP and Dem’s are all in bed together. Thats why I don’t label myself with either. They are all (with few execptions) playing the game and drinking the cool’aid, and taking down our country brick by brick. They are all working to destory it a little at a time until we the people are living under a dictatorship, and our Constitution and Bill Of Right are null and void, and we are under international law. Keep fighting brothers.

  5. A number of years ago…
    “I’ve got an idea! Let’s take money from the people who make stuff and give it to the people that don’t!”

    …A few years later…
    “Seems that the people who make stuff are cutting back and sending jobs elsewhere, while the people who don’t make stuff are still poor from using their money for drugs.”
    “I’ve got an idea! Let’s take money from the people who make stuff and give it to the people that don’t!”

    “Our last productive person left town yesterday, our treasury is nothing more than a room full of IOU’s, our latest union contract means that we owe our government employees more that the combined GDP of every possible Earth in the multiverse, and from the looks of the polls, you have moved down from “unelectable” to ‘likely to be hung from a lampost by their own entrails’.”
    “Right, now is the time for devicive action, for a real change!”
    “mutter mutter”
    “I’ve got an idea! Let’s take money from the people who make stuff and give it to the people that don’t!”

  6. I often wonder if the good folks of AZ carry the same guilty feelings for inflicting Napolitano upon the rest of the U.S. as we Kansans feel for doing the same with Sebilius (KS Gov => head of Heath & Human Services).

    They both went from being state governors to Obama admin “czars”. Talk about unintended consequences!!

    1. John,

      No, I don’t feel a bit guilty about pushing that carpet-bagging NY lawyer on you. Though now I have a better appreciation for what Reconstruction did to the South.

      1. I’ve been having thoughts along those same lines myself……….

        Makes you wonder how many other parallels to the originals we will experience…..

    2. Hah! Utah inflicted Governor “let’s implement cap & trade” Huntsman on China and as a resident of Utah I don’t feel even a twinge of guilt.

    3. Are you kidding? We were jumping with joy when Janet Incompetentano took her carpetbag to DC! Too bad Arizona’s gain was the nations loss….

  7. Larry,

    I would be curious about how the current political situation woudl impact the Monster Hunter Universe in terms of how companies like MHI do business. Do they have to compete with union-run monster hunter guilds?

      1. Hey, just because they’re not very good players doesn’t mean they’re not listed on the team roster.

        Larry specifically made it a Team A vs: Team B issue. Personally, I wish Team A would fall off the face of the planet, and thereby stay out of my gun cabinet and my accounting ledger, and Team B would chase them off into the heart of the Sun and thus keep their noses out of my medicine cabinet and my bedroom.

  8. To be fair, Ogre, using Schwarzenegger or Bloomberg as an example of the republicans would be like me picking the absolute bug-nuts craziest Libertarian I could. 🙂 I’m talking Reptoid-Illuminati conspiracy, fringe on the flag, I’m a soverign citizen guys.

    Yep, you got me though. Team A and Team B both suck. Just that Team A sucks a whole lot harder. So it isn’t an equal amount of suck, especially when it comes to being fiscally responsible. Where Team B would be equivelent to a nasty stomach bug and Team A is colon cancer.

    1. Well, Team A sure comes up with a lot of overblown spending measures, but Team B never seems to reel them back in. Hopefully this go around will be different, but me, I’m not going to hold my breath over here.

  9. Well I keep saying …. One of these years , the people of this country are going to get smart and get rid of the Whole Sa~bang up yonder . I mean every last one of those crocks and start a new…. More than likely though , not before every last one of us are broke and have Nothing ” , Why…. Because we as a people , are FARE , from being united down here on this level . Hell we can`t stand our neighbors , or each other for Christ sakes . How can you all expect anything else ? Until this country`s people get a handel on that”….. Most of us don`t have a snow ball`s chance in Hell , for a desent life .

    The people had enough of the Brithsh Rule , one time in this country and Whiped them theives down to the ground finely where they belonged , BUT” in order to get the job done….. They”…. The People”…. Finely Got Smart And United Together , got rid of the dictator crock`s , and started built a strong nation through unity…. Hard work…. FAIR PAY! …. And God ! as there trusted leader ….. But there again…. They messed up again , and put a bunch of dictator crock`s back in there live`s as there leaders , and forgot about how they got there as a Chirstian nation again . The less government control one has , the better off one is . Enough said here . I hope every one has a beauitfuf Christmas , and remember…. Christ is the reason ” for the spec. time of year .

  10. When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a free people to take notice and to exercise their first and second amendment rights; butts get kicked out of office. And well all live happily ever after so long as those butts stay out of any office of government.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Did you notice that the solution to fixing the budget problems in most of those cities is layoff police and fire but nothing about curtailing pork projects or niceties?

    1. That’s known as the “closing the Washington Monument” strategy.

      In NYC it seems they could make a profitable start by laying off sanitation supervisors, given their recent “slow down snow plowing” actions.

  12. Do you suppose if Bloomberg quit banning transfat and salt and pushing gun control in other states NYC would be more solvent?

    He’s micromanaging the irrelevant while the streets go unplowed.

  13. Hey Larry – I’m new to your books and I’m enjoying them a lot, but your politics are a little too one-sided to be correct. As someone who lives in the “one red state” that you note, the issues that our state (AZ) is dealing with financially have nothing to do with Napolitano “screwing up everything.” She couldn’t take all of the blame if she wanted to, as the debt was already created by previous Republican legislators (many of whom are still here) and a Republican house member who decided to create a ridiculous environmental program that basically soaked the State financially. In the end, we are a State of low taxation and heavy Republicanism, so to blame the whole thing on the single Democrat that we’ve had as Governor is WAY too easy. The real issue is that we’ve avoided spending on education (our man source of taxation) for years and have run up a huge need there, and frankly, we were a State that relied on building development fees to create our budget, which have all stopped now that we’ve overdeveloped to an extreme amount. Those are the issues no matter who sits in the Office.

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