An interesting article about where I grew up

Here is a National Review article about the area that I grew up in, California’s San Joaquin Valley. 

From what I’ve heard from friends and family that still live out there, the Central Valley is absolutely melting down. The primary industry used to be farming and now it is meth. Way to go, California.

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8 thoughts on “An interesting article about where I grew up”

  1. tell your friends and family to leave California. If they are liberal, DO NOT suggest Colorado. If they are fascist, don’t suggest Colorado either. We have far too many of both already, courtesy of California.
    California is going to melt down, and it’s going to be fun to watch from somewhere else. Self serving whiners.

  2. I found that super interesting as well, Larry. I’m from Sacramento myself, and my dad is Chief of Police in on of the suburbs of Sacramento. We have discussions about this type of stuff all the time–especially the stuff mentioned on the 3rd page of that article. My mom was a teacher out there, so she sees a lot of this as well.

    It’s no wonder they are retiring in June and leaving the state.

  3. I’m moving there next month, to help my uncles with the family homestead/business. My modest firearm collection will be added to theirs and we’ll be working on moving the shop more to a cash basis – starve the beast.

  4. I left California for Utah two years ago this month. I’ve often described it to friends as being like the finale of a cheesy action movie – me and mine scrambling for the hills as everything exploded behind us. Every day that passes makes me more grateful that I got my family out when I did. Another three to six months and I don’t think we would ever have made it.

  5. As a San Joaquin native (Manteca, Ca) that survives in one of the last red-leaning bastions in Ca (Bakersfield, Ca), I have to whole heartedly agree with the article. My father recently retired as a police Lt. in Manteca and he could attest to the rampant drug use and violence that permeated the hispanic gang culture that accompanied rampant uncontrolled illegal immigration. (Not to say that it’s only the hispanics, there’s plenty of white tweaker trash robbing and killing as well…) Add to that the onerous regulation that hobbles those of us that work and pay the exorbiant taxes, the handing out of my hard earned tax dollars to whomever doesnt want to work, coupled with the unconstitutional firearms restrictions, it’s no wonder the wife and I are eyeing Idaho as a retreat to raise our family with traditional values and less government interference.

  6. i left california over a year ago. i wasnt born there but i grew up and lived there for nearly 2 decades. as a kid i never understood why the illegals had more money and better housing than my family of 4 boys and my mom. in high school i wanted out during my sophomore year. i soon learned that a GED is even more useless than a high school diploma. then after as a 19 year old working as a part time salesman i wanted to know why 35% of my hard earned money went to the government. it sucks to work 12 hour days getting mega overtime to take home a paycheck that says you made over $600 but only get to keep a dying kitten’s breath over $400. but hey the guy walking up and down the street selling drugs in broad daylight made a boat load more cash than i. so i next went onto college. the educational system sucks in california at all levels. in my opinion its worse in college, last i heard most degree programs had vital components cut. for me, an automotive technology major, they had fuel systems, advanced engine performance and automatic transmissions cut from the program, call me crazy but i think one or two of those classes is still relevant to modern cars. oddly the illegal wandering around campus with the large black trash bag full of meth, i stopped and asked what was in the bag one day, was given free reign and left alone by the police. before i move i found out from a friend, who owns somewhere in the area of 4000 acres of almonds, said the back acreage was commonly used as a dumping ground for meth waste(5 gallons of waste for every gallon made) and for random mexicans, living and dead. i left because the unemployment rate where i was, oakdale, was in the neighborhood of 35%. now im in arizona, where i find that everything is infinitely better in all ways but one, the beaches suck here. but i can go out in the desert and shoot the crap out of whatever and no one calls the police on me because someone heard the word “gun”. plus in arizona being a veteran seems to be a great thing to have on your resume, whereas in california it brought me nothing but trouble. “For those about to rock, we salute you.” -AC/DC

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