Signing this Saturday in Layton

I’ll be doing a book signing this Saturday at the Layton B&N along with super author John Brown. If you want to pick up some autographed Christmas copies this is your chance. This will be my last signing of the year.

EDIT:  It officially starts at 2:00

Just one quick comment on the news. Obama has frozen federal salaries because of the defecit! And the news portrays that as being this totally awesome sacrifice… So let me get this right… You hired more federal employees than ever before, gave them all the highest salaries ever so that they now make way more than the private sector, and then you FROZE the wages there

Oh, but wait. They can still move up steps on the GS system and get raises, so it isn’t even actually frozen at all… Oh wow. Yeah, color me impressed. That blow to the head during basketball must have damaged more than his lip.

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  1. On top of that, one must remember the freezing doesn’t include Congress. They can only do that to themselves. So the ones that pull down the most make their own decision and the “boss” is powerless to change that. Wonder how they’re going to vote? Don’t count me as holding my breath for that decision

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