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The following message is from Kathy Jackson:

Hello friends,

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it: Cornered Cat is now available as a book!

Just like the original website,, the book offers practical, down-to-earth advice for women interested in concealed carry. The book tackles topics ranging from ethics to fashion to gun selection and use — and everything in between. An extensive glossary at the back of the book extends the learning experience.

Unlike the original website, Cornered Cat in book form can be toted with you to the range, loaned to friends, marked up and passed around. You can read it in your bathtub or while waiting for the orthodontist to finish taking care of the kid. And you’ll find many, many pages of new and updated material to enjoy.

You can order your copy at — and if you order right away, you’ll get 10% off the cover price and FREE shipping.

Stay safe,

Kathy Jackson

PS ~ I don’t think the 10% off offer will last very long, so you’ll want to step over to to order your copy of the book as soon as possible.

I’ve known Kathy for a very long time. We were mods on THR together. She started up Cornered Cat to be a collection of essays about women and guns, then it turned into probably one of the greatest single resources about self defense and concealed carry on the internet. Kathy is a knowledgable, honest, and humble, and those three things rarely go together. She went on to become an accomplished instructor and editor for a gun magazine.
I got to see the rough draft of this book in order to come up with a cover quote. It is great. I do recommend it. It was written primarily for a female audience, but it is broader than that. If you are a guy and you’re trying to get your wife into guns, this is the book. If you are a lady, this is the book for you. And guys, don’t be surprised when you find yourself reading it too.
For those of you that don’t know Kathy from the internet gun world, you may recognize the name from the Thank You page in the Monster Hunter books. Kathy is the original member of Reader Force Alpha. She’s a master proofer/editor.  So it’s only fair that if she gets to see my early stuff, I get to see hers.
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7 thoughts on “You should totally buy this book”

  1. Already ordered a copy for my wife. I caught several podcast from ProArms with Kathy as guest and it never fails I learn something new. And I mean LEARN as in “I never thought about that”.
    Plus, a book from an official Monster Huntress is guaranteed to be great 😉

  2. Just ordered a copy for a friend, as I have no idea as to how to advise a woman to CCW. Reason #26 I’m glad I’m a guy – relaxed fit jeans and an untucked shirt are perfectly acceptable.

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