Monster Hunter for Christmas

It is that time of year again, and what makes a better present than a copy of Monster Hunter International or Monster Hunter Vendetta?  (well, a new Ferrari, or an iPhone, or some really good cheese ball… well a pet hamster would be pretty sweet… okay, never mind. You get the idea)

MH novels are the ultimate stocking stuffer. You know that one guy that you feel like you kind of sorta should give them something, but you don’t want to spend too much, but you don’t want to look like a cheap bastard. MHI is only $8! That’s in that happy medium grey area. You can’t possibly go wrong. So get to your local bookporium of choice and buy lots of copies of MHI! Yay!

If you want something autographed by me (for that special someone), click on the Buy Stuff tab for details.

I’ve got to take a bunch of books and patches to the post office this afternoon, and while looking at the pile of packages here it made me think of something that I totally forgot about last year. If you want to get any autographed copies of MHI or MHV or patches to give as Christmas presents, order them SOON.

I’m slow. (not in the dimwitted congressman way but in a kind of lumbering large-mammal way) Plus, I’m a one man organization (except for when I draft my daughter to be my “administrative assistant” but that usually means fetching Daddy more Coke Zero) so going to the post office to mail stuff is a pain. I usually procrastiante it and do it about every 2-3 weeks. Going to the post office really really sucks in December, but because I love you guys, if you are ordering anything to give as Christmas presents, please let me know when you order and I’ll try to get the stuff out in a timely manner.

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15 thoughts on “Monster Hunter for Christmas”

  1. My son’s school (Gary Gordon elementary – Google that name) is putting together care packages for troops. Our contribution was an MHI/MHV set. Another set will be heading to my first company commander, now commanding a battalion in Afghanistan.

  2. You’re a bit late. I added them to my list three days ago and checked the local B&N last night to be sure it was in stock. Note, volume one of Samuel Clemens autobiography was on my list four months ago so don’t start getting a big head because of your addition.

  3. I’m finally reading MHI (got the book last xmas), and am enjoying every page. Looking forward to getting MH:V this xmas.

  4. I got copies of MHI for my nephews last year. It was the first time they ever went out of their way to thank me for a Christmas present.

  5. Way ahead of you Larry. Had a friend just go under the knife for his gall bladder, and picked up MHI and MHV as “get well” gifts.

    By the way, in bookstores, I’ve convinced quite a few friends to buy MHI simply by turning to Chapter One and saying, “Just read the first paragraph.” Then they get this evil grin on their face. Next thing you know, they’re walking up to the counter to buy the book. Go figure.

  6. I loved both MHI and MHV i cant wait MHA. I read MHV in three days. i think thy are tbe best books ever.

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