Cover art for Monster Hunter Alpha

Bravo, Alan Pollack. Awesome. Simply awesome.

And the creatues? Nailed them. Absolutely nailed the monsters. Imagine that thing, bobbbing along like a giant pelican. And all that white stuff is dangling and swaying like loose floppy skin, like a fat man that had lost too much weight too quickly. The garden trowel hands are for digging… Deep in the earth, where man shouldn’t go. And they eat you. Whole.

The background is Michigan. This looks like a Christmas story, what with all the snow. 🙂 

And spoiler alert, you guys that have read the first books. Ya’ll know who the werewolf is. The red head? You’ll like her.

Monster Hunter for Christmas
Veteran's Day off

80 thoughts on “Cover art for Monster Hunter Alpha”

  1. the white moster i mean, i don’t know what the white monster thing is, but the cover is fucking awesome… … … damn you larry, had to make the red head a vampire… … …

  2. best cover yet. no contest.

    of course the little “new york times best selling author” bit looks pretty good too don’t it?

    1. Susan’s a brunette. And Alpha is a prequel, so Susan isn’t a vampire when it takes place, if I’m not mistaken.

      Of course, I didn’t write the book, but…

      1. Cody, no Monster Hunter Alpha has not yet been released. It has, however, gone out to Reader Force Alpha (Larry’s top secret cadre of elite readers.) Nightcrawler is among those. (Before you ask, no I don’t think Larry is taking on any new members either). Like Larry said somewhere, it’s not a prequel but there are several flashback scenes that fill in a little more of Earl’s back story. Reader Force Alpha is of course sworn to secrecy on saying anything even remotely spoiler-ish, but I think I can safely say that those who paid to get red shirted in MHA DEFINITELY got their money’s worth (and then some) Hope that helps clear it up! 😀

  3. Can’t be Susan, Susan looks like Julie . . . and Larry just implied that we haven’t met her yet. She looks like some kind of vampire/elf.

  4. Awesome!

    That cover would lure me into picking up the book off the shelf just to figure out what the monsters were – and then into opening it when I didn’t recognize ’em. Your writing would do the rest – heck, it already has!

  5. Looks great Larry, Mr. Pollack did a fantastic job. Although he did have a lot of help. Your discriptions of the various characters are some of the best I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to read it.

  6. Michigan? Did they get lost on their way to Japan or something? Great scott, those things should be trampling Tokyo or fighting Godzilla- and Earl is up against them!
    Now that is just plain Awesome!

  7. Whoa. This is an incredibly bad-ass cover. Props to Alan Pollack. His covers are just getting more and more awesome. Can’t wait for the book!

  8. Fantastic artwork! The Diggers are perfectly represented, as are Earl & *******. BTW ******* is NOT a vampire, but a budding werewolf (Look at her ear and compare to Earl’s). Also, MHAlpha takes place POST MHVendetta.

    EDITED: because of SPOILER ALERT! 🙂

  9. Great looking cover art!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for this book! Each book is better than the last

    Keep up the outstanding work, Mr Correia.

  10. From the name of the book, “Monster Hunters Alpha,” I would assume it’s where the Monster Hunters begin with Earl taking over. This would be pre-Julie and pre-Susan. That’s what I’m guessing…

  11. Nice. Gotta say, I wasn’t a fan of the first two Baen covers (the first one was ok, the second one was kind of blah). This one is pretty good, though.

  12. Damnit Larry you’ve really got to start being more careful!
    If you keep stacking up so much awesomeness the sheer mass will cause the earth to collapse into a black hole!

    For the children’s sake Larry, please!!

  13. such a tease! Looking great, no doubt about it. And it’s exciting to hear you think this art matches up well with your vision in the book.

  14. well, maybe I just have that kind of mind …

    … but when I looked at that cover, I wondered “what was the artist thinking, crossing Jack Skellington with Freddy Krueger?”

  15. but isn’t alpha suppose to be an earl story when he was younger? so not really a prequel as i understand them.
    but before Owen and his god killing fun.

    but what i want to know is, is the red head a vampire, an elf or elf vampire, or another wolf.

    it’s the pointy ears for me.

  16. Bad ass cover but I’m getting the heebie jeebies about all this prequel noise I’m hearing getting spouted in this comments section.

    For the life of me I can’t think of one good prequel, and I include movies and video games when I say that.

    Oh and I think the redhead is at the start of her transformation and is actually a werewolf.

    How big are those damn Digger things? 20 metres tall? I’m figuring you gotta use a lot of bang to take those suckers down. Looking forward to it!

    1. Alpha is not a prequel. There are prequelly bits about his past, but the story takes place after MHV.

      The diggers are actually about 15 feet tall. So the perspective on the cover is a bit off, but the important thing about covers isn’t that they are accurate, but that they look awesome enough to get people to pick them up in the store. 😉

      1. but the important thing about covers isn’t that they are accurate, but that they look awesome enough to get people to pick them up in the store.

        Mission totally frickin’ accomplished, then. 😉

      2. Phew! Glad to hear it’s not a prequel but I’m intrigued to learn more about the big H!

        And mission accomplished with the cover. I’m pretty visual when I’m going to the library or book store and any cover that jumps out at me I tend to pick up.

        Is there some way to make the spine of the book jump out as well? Cause when your at the store a lot of the time the stores will stack the books so you can only see the spine and not the cover and if there’s something on the spine to make people pick it up then that can only be a good thing. Maybe a MHI patch?

      3. Silly author! I’m not going to pick it up in the store, I’m going to pre-order it so that I’m sure to get it right away (and then probably pick it up in the store too because I’ll be too impatient to wait for it to come in the mail, and then when I get it home there it will be in the mail, and then I’ll order an autographed copy as well, to go on the shelf with the other autographed copies…yeah, I’ve done this before…).

      4. Panticles,

        What is this “bookstore” of which you speak?

        Is it anything like “Amazon” or perhaps the “Used Bookstore”, where I trade a great many kilos of dreck for a few kilos of broken in paperback goodness?

        The ways of your people are strange to me. . .

  17. Excellent picture. Just finished (and enjoyed) MH:V.

    For whatever reason, the image of MH:A put me in mind of Manly Wade Wellman. Not a bad thing, as it’s led me to re-read a bunch of his “Silver John” stories.

  18. Even though you are a “New York Times Best Selling Author” I wish they wouldn’t mar the awesome cover with it. And yes we really need a poster!

  19. hey, just a little question. while you sit here and tease us with alpha and hard magic. cause your such an evil man, maybe even an evil genius.

    is there any way we can get some tom stranger to lessen the wait?

    or make it worst.

  20. You know, the art is utterly amazing, but there’s one other thing that I was told a long, long time ago, that I’m seeing as true on this cover.

    When, as an author, your name is just as tall as the book’s title, you have arrived.

    Grats Larry, and seriously can’t wait for this. (Or Hard Magic.. I’ve been DYING to get my hands on that since I finished the teasers.)

  21. hum… my phones shiftkey no work on this form…

    anyway, i just stopped in to say its about time there was a redhead in your books.

    that is all

  22. I would consider going out to Correia’s house and trying to chain him to his computer and forcing him to write 20 hours a day, but I suspect that I would get perforated a few times before I reached the door.

    And unfortunately I’m not a werewolf to be able to soak up that sort of damage.

    I guess Correia’s safe from me, but may I at least beg and grovel piteously for him to pretty, pretty please write faster?

    Or maybe start putting out a few advance snippets of MHA?

  23. I may be totally outta the left field here, but I thought the Alpha referred to Earl’s status as the Alpha Male amongst MHI’s badasses, and as the Alpha of Alpha Werewolves.

  24. My traveling buddy EJ turned me onto your first two books. Read them back to back nonstop. MHI is like crack and now you add a hot red head to the mix, I’m having withdrawls already. Waiting for the next MHI book is like a fat kid waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven. MHI even inspired me to work on a patch for the Montana Monster Militia. EJ is vetting the design to see if he can carve it onto a holster. We’ll send you a copy if we ever get it done.

    We even started joking about holding a Montana Monster Three Gun Shoot.

    Tom Clancy just writes books, but you sir have started a movement. Congratulations.

  25. Amazon shows a release date of August 2, is that correct?

    Looking forward to MHA, Hard Magic, and the rest of your future writing Larry.

  26. larry i think that you should contact your states library for the blined and handicapped so that people that ether cant read or have a dificalt time readding can enjoy your stuff. what thay would do is turn it into a audio book and then the state would ditribute your book to to people that are blind or handicaped. i lissen to a lot more books than i read because i have learning disabilitys and my reading comprhention sucks. it is just somthing that you might look into. i loved both MHI and MHV i read the first one like 20 times ive actuly had to tape it back to gether a cople of times. so it would be great if i could get it in auidio format evan if i had to buy it.

    1. Good news on that. They’ve already recorded audio book versions. They’ll be coming out from sometime soon. I’ll post as soon as I’ve got the info.

  27. Just conjecture on my part, but perhaps the “Alpha” in MH:A refers to Alpha male status of a wolf in a wolfpack?

    Maybe Earl either brings another wolf(wolves) into the fold….or their is a fight for dominance? Either supernaturally or within the company?

    I don’t know, I’m bored at work.

  28. tv show? eh… movie series? deffinatly… video game? oh yea oh hell yea know we are talking, moster hunter series would probably make on hell of a bad ass video game especially if you stick to the books level of intensity and difficaulty and story bourding lol

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