Veteran's Day off

First off, thank you to all our Vets. God bless you for your service, your sacrifice, and your willingness to put righteous boot to ass for your country.

I’m off today from my day job. That’s one nice thing about being part of the evil military-industrial complex, I get all the holidays.  So I stayed up late last night watching horror movies on Netflix (nothing good) and today I’m working on Grimnoir 2.

I did get into a bit of an internet argument last night. This is for my gun nut readers.,11651.0.html  I just can’t help myself. When somebody says something dumb on the internet, it is like this other, argumentative personality manifests. Nightcrawler calls it my inner Fiskwolf. I was nice at first, but then this morning I kind of went off. 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Veteran's Day off”

  1. Let me see if I can wrap my head around this logic…

    He’s insisting that the only “serious” 1911 is one which meets the standards set forth by a famous 1911 gunsmith (1911 tuner) … because other types of 1911s may require tuning (1911 gunsmithing) to work perfectly?

    Wouldn’t this gunsmith have found himself out of a job if he had discovered the magic 1911 setup that needed no smithing or tuning to work perfectly… in a serious manner?

    I wonder, after he’s done finding the perfect 1911, can find the perfect CZ/tangfolio/clone for us CZ-75 guys?

  2. Um, sort of off topic, but your Logic 101 professor must have really sucked if he couldn’t show the importance of logic to daily life.

  3. I’ve got to admit that my personal prefrence also runs to the very traditional 5″/guide plug/single stack/.45ACP 1911- with the added desire of blued steel and walnut grips – basically, a pre WW2 Colt National Match would be perfect.

    But, hey- it’s my preference. And it’s a big world out there with a lot of different kinds of 1911’s. Whatever works for you is awesome.

    And in reflection, Larry’s 9mm STI sounds pretty awesome.

  4. I remember when that same person wrote:

    “The Israeli draw is for untrained conscripts and people afraid of carrying their weapons that don’t understand the workings of their own pistols.”

    Completely ignoring the fact that there are states (Utah, f’rinstance) that don’t allow open carry with one in the chamber. I don’t think he’s intentionally being hard-headed; I just think that he, like many people, think that flexibility is somehow a weakness.

  5. Boys and their 1911s…. I thought that the Church of JMB was an internet joke. Real Men shoot Hi Points! [hiding]

    I have seen all kinds of handguns fail. From tricked out high end 1911s t out of the box Glocks. Unless there is something inherently mechanically flawed in their design and or manufacturing, modern guns a very reliable.
    Shoot the best gun you can afford and feels good the best you can. The rest is just drapes, pretty puppies and an excuse to appear butch at Gun Forums.

  6. Larry, I have to say that you handled yourself well and factually. The retort that you were the one making the personal attack is ludicrous to say the least. You addressed specific issues with specific answers.

    Go forth and be well!

  7. I just wish my shooting budget allowed me to shoot enough top shelf hardware to intelligently comment on a thread like that.

  8. I just ride around behind a M240. Whatever works!

    Thanks for the Veterans Day thank you, and in return, thank you for writing some kick ass books!

  9. Wow. Damn. Long read, but worth it!

    Someone answer me this, though: dude rolls out with 5″ All-Steel 45ACP 1911, but throws Glock 34 against your 4.15? Something’s not adding up there. Shouldn’t he be throwing out… ya know what, nevermind.

    What’s sad is that dude is forum staff. You’d think he’d know better.

    And thanks, Vets!


  10. The only too bad part is that I’m starting to notice WTA is very heavily moderated.

    I always learn more when that isn’t the case.

  11. Wow. There’s several minutes of my life I won’t get back. How non sequitur is it to start with a stock steel framed GI 1911 and end up with a polymer framed Glock 34 in 9 mm?

    On a more serious note, Larry, I just came into some money and was looking at either the STI Ranger II or the Tactical 4.15 in 45 ACP. How do the grip sizes compare?

    Charlie Mead
    RIP Chuck

  12. I thought something about that thread might end up here. It was fun while it lasted.

    The Ranger II is much slimmer as sold (with thin grips).

    My 2011 grip measures 1.292″ wide, and a little over 2.1″ front front to back. The Ranger II measures 1.284″ wide (with regular 1911 grips) and a little over 2.0″ front to back (measured just below the grip safety on both). The 2011 is a rounded off rectangle in cross section while the Ranger II is more like an oval.

    I just measured a different STI with slim grips and it is 1.085″ wide.

    For the actual shooting part, I like both equally. I think my textured 2011 frame is the bee’s knees: the thing feels amazing. For “serious use” (kidding) the Ranger II is much easier to conceal. For competition I’d take the Tac 4.15 every day of the week and twice on sunday, although in my case I’d pick the VIP instead so it still fits my regular holsters.

    – dstocum

    1. Thank you for your help.

      I think I’m going to go with the Ranger II as it’s more likely to be defensive sidearm.

      Charlie Mead
      RIP Chuck

  13. The odd thing is that I think the guy, or at least someone with the same screen name, then went on another forum (LF) to post about the reliability of STI double stacked guns.

  14. I happily served without thought of thanks or gratitude. Nearly every man and woman I served with thought the same.

    For the most part, believe it or not, that’s what we got. No thoughts of either, and many a unkind word or turned back.

    Thank you, Mr. C. for both your thanks and appreciation, and the great books.

    Peace and Long Life.

  15. Since my bedside buddy is a bone-stock Para 14.45 LDA I must be a long way from “serious”. But then again my all time favorite handgun is an old S&W Model 10 I bought used at a gun show. I say never argue with a man about his taste in women, guns, or dogs.

  16. Little Lebowski is a passive aggresive jerk and had that shellacking coming. How he made it onto WTA staff is beyond me.

    Very well done Larry, your skills in text-based combat are unrivaled 🙂

  17. As a ‘revolver guy’ I guess it’s impossible for me to ever be “serious”

    Darn, yet another thing I’l just have to learn to live with.

  18. I have a Grok .45 ACP single-stack cause it fits my hand real good. I don’t know without looking at it what it’s magic number is (20? 21? 30? 36? 42?), and I don’t really care. I care that it’s comfortable to shoot and I can consistently put holes at or near the middle of the paper with it.
    I had a Taurus .357 wheelgun before that, and I don’t remember it’s number either. It was blued and had a 6″ barrel.
    But then again, I never considered myself to be a serious gun guy. I just like things that go bang.

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