Hard Magic in limited edition HARD COVER!

Exciting news everybody, I just found out that Baen Books has decided to do a limited run of hard cover copies of The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic!  The trade paperback had already been scheduled for a May 2011 release, but because of the huge success of Monster Hunter Vendetta, Baen has decided to do a limited run of hard covers at the same time! This is a limited, one time thing. There are probably only going to be a couple thousand. So snag them while the getting is good.

I’m going to be doing a west coast tour in May. I’ll be driving from Salt Lake, to Phoenix, to San Diego, to LA, to San Fran, to Portland, to Seattle, to Tacoma, to Boise, and then home.  I’ll be doing a signing in every major area, and I’ll be hitting as many of the local stores as possible on the way to sign store stock and to meet the staff.  

EDIT: To clarify, the phone number on that PDF is for bookstores to order copies from Simon & Schuster. I’ll put up a post soon to see how much blog interest there is, and if we want to try and swing something like I did with the autographed copies of MHV.

Baen-May-2011-Hard Magic Sell-Sheet[1]

Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4391-3434-4 Price: $15.00 US/$17.00 Can.
Limited Hardcover Edition ISBN: 978-1-4516-3745-8 Price: $25.00 US/$28.99 Can.


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45 thoughts on “Hard Magic in limited edition HARD COVER!”

  1. Can we consumers order from that number, or do we need it pass it along to our Friendly Neighborhood P/u/s/h/e/r/ Bookseller?

    Yay for the Phoenix visit! 🙂

  2. Good news! I’ll buy hardback, but I despise trade paperbacks.

    Well, it is Baen, so ebook would work if I miss the hardback…

    Seattle visit = good.

  3. YES! Three (3) ‘graphed copies please. And when are you going to stop in Reno. We have all the monsters here; just check the casinos. (snicker)

  4. Stop taking all my money! I’m a poor college student. But I’ll be a poor college student with a hardback edition of TGR >:)

  5. Put me down for (2) signed copies please. One for reading & loaning out, and one to keep pristine (I’m not going to do a repeat of what happened to my original copy of MHI).

  6. Larry-

    One way or the other, or whichever way it takes, I need 4 copies of that book. Just where, and how much money do I send? The hell with trying to get a store to order them in, I want to buy direct, regardless of price.

  7. I’ll be getting at least one copy. Made a new MHI fan today too, it only took the first chapter.

    “Dude, that first scene with the werewolf? Epic.”

    He’s buying his own copies this week.

  8. Sign me up for one Hard Cover. Signed a plus!

    (That means, call Baen and tell them there is a bunch of freaks ready to shell cash for the hard cover edition and you better make an appointment with a chiropractor 🙂 )

  9. You KNOW I have to have one- I can’t have a big hole in the Larry Correia section of my bookshelf! Please update when we can actually plunk down cash to someone…

  10. Larry- I’ve heard you on Writing Excuses episodes and I’ve seen MHI on the racks in one of the grocery stores I shop at. I was writing to say (unless its already been planned) I know the managers/owners of several chain and local bookstores in the Boise area. If you’d like inquiries made for possible tour stops to their stores, I’d be happy to enquire to them.

    1. Mike, I’ll be calling around soon to set up places. What, in your opinion, are the coolest bookstores around your area?

  11. well I was trying to contact them for the Hardback but not sure how I will get a hard cover LOL all the book stores around me say they’re only gonna receive the trade paper … tell me how to get a hardcover and if possible an autograph … if not Hard cover is fine …

  12. I’m up for a signed hardcover too Larry. And I will also need a trade paperback to get more people hooked as I will ot be lending out a signed hardcover. Just tell me where to transfer the money too.

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