Keith the Olbers Man suspended. Skippy is pleased.

You know, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if Keith’s ratings weren’t so awful that this indescretion would be overlooked. However since his ratings suck I bet they’re just looking for an excuse to get rid of him. You know its bad when you go on a long vacation, so you bring in a guest host, and the ratings go UP. ¬†

That’s kind of a hilarious rule for NBC to have. They need to show that they’re “unbiased journalists”. ūüôā HA HA HA HA!¬† Dude, just own it. Be proud. Come out of the closet. We already all know that MSNBC is in the bag for the democrats. It’s that whole pretending thing that just makes you look like complete chumps.

On election night I kept flipping between the various news channels. FOX always gets bashed because their slogan is Fair & Balanced, even though we all know that most of their personalities are Republicans. But when I watch their election coverage they’ve got actual liberals and democrats on the panels arguing with conservatives and republicans. I flip over to MSNBC and the¬†panel is Keith Olberman,¬†Rick Maddow (Rachel? Really? Huh…), and¬†the fat guy with the leg tingle trying to¬†ask Michelle Bachman over and over if she’s now going to use¬†the power of congress to hold brutal witchhunts against her enemies, and when she refuses to answer like 3¬†times, (because there is no answer to that question they can’t spin against you, kind of like “so, are you still beating your wife”) then they just make fun of her.

Come on MSNBC.¬†We all know you’re full of crap. If you want to¬†break Olberman’s contract¬†because he’s a douche with¬†an¬†audience smaller than the 4:00 AM Slap-Chop and Sham-Wow commercials, just come out and say it. ¬†

I am sad though, because if Keith Olberman goes away then I’ll never be declared THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD. I’ve been secretly hoping that I would someday sell enough books to become famous enough to piss off Keith Olberman… I’ve not sold that many¬†books yet though, but I have sold more than Keith Olberman’s.¬† OOOOhhh¬†¬†BURN!

And for the record, I have no idea what Keith Olberman did to piss off the orcs that badly. It must have been something he said.

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29 thoughts on “Keith the Olbers Man suspended. Skippy is pleased.”

  1. Has anybody seen Skippy and Edward? Is the Hind still on the pad?
    If DHS reports a strange chopper near MSNBC, you will have material for another short story.

  2. The only sad thing about this is Olberman made for some of the funniest retorts on It’s amazing how much stupid crap that guy made up.

  3. Nice. Did anyone else see or hear his interview when he said that he doesn’t vote so he can show that he is “unbiased.”

    Best joke that I’ve heard in a while.

      1. The more the merrier!

        P.S. Anyone intend on pickin’ up COD: Black Ops tuesday? I feel like there should be an MHI clan on XBL unless there is already and no one sent me a friggin memo >:P

      2. Got it preordered, but I’m kinda still in Iraq. They get all pissy and shut off our internet if we try to hook a PS3 or Xbox to it. Bastards.

        I’d join when I get home though. ūüėÄ

      3. Nick, I don’t have an XBOX but I do have a PS3, anyone want to start a MHI clan on PS3 network add me, ACS_555_Reaper. Always looking for new people to kick ass with.

      4. Awesome, I gotta get an ethernet splitter so my cable can reach the 360 but once I get on my tag is GrandmasBoi61, I’ll be the guy with the incendiary shotgun

  4. In his defense, I know he’s Opinion, just like Beck and O’Reilly on Fox, so I expect him to be biased. But, NBC (news division) has rules, probably created decades ago when (network) news was considered neutral. If NBC re-categorized MSNBC as entertainment, everything would be OK.

  5. He donated to candidates that he interviewed on air, and then failed to disclose this.

    And yes, PMSNBC is using this as an excuse to weasel out of their $30M contract with him.

  6. Good evening from the hunting blind! Tell Skippy I’m right there with him. Although, it is too bad he isn’t out there making a fool of himself. He did have value for that.

  7. I think it would make a funny short story to have the orcs stroll into the MHI TV lounge during some election coverage and hear their reactions to the pundits. Or to find out that one of them (Edward probably) is like an intense politics junkie/blogger in his spare time. EPIC WIN.. Now that would be funny…


  8. Started MHV last night at 0200 – had 300 pages by 0400 – fell asleep. At it again tonight. It rocks.
    If Skippy is pleased that Olberman is suspended, then he’s righteous. I can’t say what I really think of MSNBC here, because you have genteel people and ladies present. And such language is just uncouth without my own blood on the floor – if I curse, my wife thinks it time to call EMS, because I am bleeding badly.

  9. Not directly related to Olberperson, but …

    Overheard recently at a tactical display control console:
    “I don’t care if Skippy the [expletive] orc is flying the [deleted]. A [large multi-engine turboprop] cannot do 700 knots. Especially sideways.”

    What’s really cool is that at least two other people in the room, besides the speaker, caught the reference.

    I think Skippy’s getting sorta-famous.

    1. Which makes me wonder what Skippy could do with a StratoPig… (Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, to those not members of the SAC/Heavy community)

      1. Joe, that’s another crewdog “pet name” for the beast… while I’ve never been a crewdog, a bunch of old retired SAC Wing Kings were impressed enough by me ditching a week of college classes to crash the 50th Anniversary party so I could present a few thoughts on Outside The Box future upgrades, they made me an “honorary BUFFdriver”.

        Old 55-094 in Wichita owns a slice of my heart in a way most guys reserve for their leading ladies…

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