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By popular demand, here is a quick pic of my new geeky hobby, building custom Monster Hunter International action figures. From L to R, Earl, Lee, Trip, Sam, Holly, Milo, Julie, Skippy, Gretchen. My Blackberry takes lousy pictures, so you’ll have to wait until I get back from AZ before I take any good ones.

These still need lots of work, touching up, finishing, etc. Not pictured is Edward (needs work on his hood), Franks (screwed up sculpting his neck, botched the face paint), and Owen (saving him for last).

I’ll take detail shots later. I’m proud of a few things that came out surprisingly good, like I built Trip’s dreads from scratch, and I built a shotgun shell leg caddy on Lee that looks like it came from the factory. I built Abomination to spec using a Marvel legends AK, M203 & EO Tech from Marauder, and a bayonet that I carved.

Let's book bomb the hell out of John Brown
Going to be in Arizona this weekend

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  1. i was IMing with a buddy who i got reading MH:I, he hasnt got to MH:V yet, but just finished MH:I, we were discussing the final battle and Sam Haven, the consensus was. you know you’re a badass when you make other Navy SEAL’s look like pussys… … …

  2. Hi Larry,

    You should have a contest for the best fan-produced images from MHI and MHV and then post the top three entries on the site.


  3. Speaking of hobbies vs work, I had a new writing question for you on:
    Writing Discipline:
    How do you organize your day to be able to sit down, think and write? For writers with day jobs, what works best in terms of blocking out the time to write and then being efficient about it? How do you balance writing with also having a family, life, etc.?


  4. you need to look at 3-D plastic printers, so you can make your own custom figures. They are not that pricey for a NYT Best Seller author.
    Once you make your custom figures, you shop them to the figure industry, and license them, and ka-ching. If MH catches on in Japan, your financial future will be bright.
    And you could do the bad guys really easy.
    All these could go into a MH role playing game.
    You need a marketing professional. That’s not me, but I do know a very successful one, who made his company, and is now a millionaire. And he doesn’t even write good books like you. He just designed a game.

  5. Might I suggest using the newer “Bazooka” figure as a base for Owen. The Bazooka figure is quite buff compared to other figures. (Though I don’t remember him being that buff in the cartoon.)

  6. Looking good Larry. I think when I get the chance, I’m going to try to mirror the look of Owen and Julie from the cover art, but go with some of the more personalized looks for the others. Like Earl’s bomber jacket, and the like.

    I’m extremely interested in how you show off Agent Franks. It’s weird that by the end of MHV he was my favorite character. But I couldn’t get the image of Hugo Weaving from the Matrix out of my head with regard to him. Also very interested to see the Abominater…er…Abomination. lol. Before I had a clue you were going to be doing this, I was going to ask if you had any reference pics for that bad boy. now I’ll just wait to see how you build it.

    While I’m still working out my own parts lists, I did get a “piece” to go with them – built by a good friend of mine. You can see it here, if you are interested (going up against my custom Flint):

  7. Okay, what I can see of the werewolf looks amazing. (Nice, Flint btw)

    I checked out your pieces on the Joe board. My personal favorite was the Captain Mal.

    1. Thanks a ton Larry! I have a lot of newer pieces that haven’t been put into the gallery there yet too. They have new membership frozen right now (we were getting too many Trolls – for real!), but if you have any interest, I’d love to see you post stuff there.

      I won’t post any more links after this, because I don’t want to distract from what you are doing here, but here’s a better pic of the werewolf (the caption should be “he’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?”). My friend who made it goes by “gijoey” at the same site. He makes awesome beasties.

  8. Larry wrote, “…Franks (screwed up sculpting his neck…”

    As you describe him in the novels, I wouldn’t think he had a neck.

    just sayin’.

  9. Your Julie looks a lot like the Baroness from GI Joe… as you’ve previously mentioned.

    That’s awesome. 😀

  10. Larry;

    Sorry for the late post… Been re-reading MHI and MHV over and over again! You ROCK!!!

    I think it would be great (once you get them done) to have a quality group photo done (of the figures). Then you could sign the photo and either offer copies for sale or send one out to those who maybe give to a charity you support.

    I love the MH series and am waiting for your next book.

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