Massad Ayoob also hunts monsters

In addition to being the most widely read gun-writer of our time, a great instructor, and all around interesting guy, Massad Ayoob also collects the occassional PUFF bounty.

Thanks, Mas. 🙂

He points out that Stephen Hunter and I are two of the gun-culture writers to have made it on the NYT bestseller list. For my readers that haven’t read Stephen Hunter, you owe it to yourself to do so.  My personal favorites are Hot Springs and Pale Horse Coming.  Maybe Stephen Hunter and I should collaborate. We could have Earl Swagger team up with Earl Harbinger. Two old-school southern badasses shooting everything. We could call it A Tale of Two Earls.  Now that would sell a lot of books.

Going to be in Arizona this weekend
More Grimnoir artwork from Zack Hill

19 thoughts on “Massad Ayoob also hunts monsters”

  1. Perhaps Mas could make a cameo as an adjunct MHI instructor on the “administration of justice” as applied to monsters.

  2. Hmm… Stephen Hunter and Larry Correia. Now that does sound interesting. This I would like to see, though I don’t know about Earl & Earl. Not really a big fan of crossovers. Personally, I think an original collaboration in the vein of Dead Six.

    Though if Bob Lee Swagger were to team up with Owen Pitt to take down some high-level conspiracy involving monsters, I wouldn’t complain at all.

  3. thats some lofty company you’re keeping now. not only has Mas read MHV, but he’s read it “already”. it hasn’t been out that long. obviously it was on his to do list. welcome to rock star status.

  4. Larry, you and Mas are about the only two Internet contacts that’ve actually made the cut into being considered “friends”. Ditto on giving him a “Guest Star” appearance, or maybe his own short-story…

  5. “Like many of us, Owen once had a werewolf for a boss.”

    Heh, on a friday like today that got me giggling like a schoolgirl. 😛

  6. Early to bed, Early to rise, making sure something dies.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist the temptation to pun when I could have passed.

  7. Earl Harbinger is old enough to have known Earl Swagger, but many MHI characters aren’t — so the Earls would make some sense.

    I hafta admit my mind did make some connectios between the two fictional worlds when reading MHI and MHV. Some of the same elements are there, but the styles are different in tone.

    I really liked Pale Horse Coming especially with its characters based on some of the well known old shooters and gun writers. Wheel guns!

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