You may now officially refer to me as New York Times Bestselling Author Larry Friggin' Correia

Looks like I can now make it official:

Monster Hunter Vendetta was number 27 on the New York Times Bestseller list. This is awesome. This is actually a really big deal in the publishing business.

I didn’t think I’d hit the NYT anytime soon. It is really hard to make it on there, especially in fantasy. And usually you need to have written several books before you get enough fan momentum to show up at all. It isn’t about total sales, it is about sales velocity, meaning you sold a bunch of books in one week.  Well, once again, I underestimated the Monster Hunter Nation. You guys are absolutely amazing, and you went out and kicked serious butt.

Thank you.

Shout outs!

40 thoughts on “You may now officially refer to me as New York Times Bestselling Author Larry Friggin' Correia”

  1. No, thank YOU, sir. You are telling an excellent story, one that has entertained me, my wife, my son, and has been recommended to everyone I know.

    I have given MHI as a gift to at least 5 others, and I have bought 3 copies of MHV.

  2. i just got done reading MH:V… larry, you didn’t tell us Nickwolf’s real name was Melvin and that he would be making an appearence in MH:V … … …

    1. Yeah, Nickwolf was the first person I thought of when I reached the part with Melvin. He’s even the example I used to describe to my dad what an Internet troll was.

  3. Larry, you are the man who deserves all the kudos for giving us a great book series. I’ve read MHI 15 times in the last year since I bought it…and it never gets old. Please keep them coming and we’ll keep buying them!

    Just got my MHI patch today in the mail and I am totally stoked to have it. I’m just trying to decide where to put it.

  4. Way to Go !!!!!
    I bought two MHV at Boarders. Will most likely buy more, soon, as gifts,
    We need a line of Tactical gear to put our patches on.

  5. I betcha Baen is happy they decided to publish MHI. If you guys hadn’t noticed, MHV is the only Baen title on the list.

    Soon Larry will have plenty of time to write more awesome stories. Because you know he’s going to be sleeping on big stacks of money soon. 😉

  6. Glad to hear you did so well.

    I bought the eARC of MHV, as well as four paperbacks, and today I convinced my dad to buy both MHI and MHV and give them a read. He usually reads hard sci-fi or technothrillers, but given how enthusiastic my brother and I were, he decided to grab them when we went to Barnes and Noble today and give them a try.

    There weren’t too many copies of MHV left, but all the ones they had were in the middle isle display of new releases where they were easy to see. They didn’t have any in the zombie-book Halloween display, though, so I put a couple on the table for everyone to see.

  7. Two reasons you have a loyal fanbase: You are an awesome writer because, let’s face it, you won’t have a following if you suck duck. You are loyal to your fanbase and I can tell how much they appreciate the personal contact and appreciation even though we all know you’re swamped. Keep up the awesome stories and being a good guy. I can’t wait to buy a couple of copies of Alpha to keep the collection consistent.

  8. Congratulations Larry. I got mine from Uncle Hugo’s today but I couldn’t wait. I went out and bought a copy at the Big Book Store. I’ll keep the signed copy pristine and sell it on e-bay for a million dollars so I did Ok on the deal.
    I’ll be posting a review this weekend and I’ll drop it on Amazon as well.

  9. What the NYT does not know is that you have such a fan base that we buy several books and then give/donate copies. I can only thing of one other author that I have done with that, and he only wrote one book (he was a friend, and a good book too).

    My wife burst last week, she could not wait any longer for the Hugo copy. Started reading it in the store.. Now I am behind and going to read it tomorrow… maybe.. if I don’t today…


  10. Congrats Sir,
    MHV is a great read. I bought it on the way to pick up a lady friend on the way to dinner, and read it the next day. When will Joss Wheldon be doing the movie version?

    Gerald the Cop in Alabama

  11. Larry,

    I’ve commented a few times here, but I now have to tell you that I usually don’t have much interest in the particular genre that MHI and MHV fall under. However, given that I heard so much about the first book, not only on the blogs that I frequent, but from friends, I decided to give it a try. After two or three pages I knew that not only was I hooked, but that I would not be able to put the book down, meaning an all-nighter was going to be likely.

    After finishing the first book, not only was I very impressed with your writing, but I found myself jonesing in a big way for the next installment. The wait was excruciating, but when MHV arrived in the mail a day or so after the release (thanks to my pre-order at Amazon) I felt like a crack addict who just made a big score.

    I have now finished MHV, and have to say that the second book was as good as the first. But, like that crack addict, now that the high is over, all I can think about is that next score. So, what i’m really trying to say is GET TO WORK, it’s your fault I’m in withdrawal right now.

    Oh, and congrats on making the NYT bestseller list. Your skills as a writer deserve the recognition. The Monster Hunter Nation spreads the word like crazy. Just like those who told me I should give MHI a read, I have now started doing the same thing. One other thing is your approachability, like here on the website. You come across as one of us, and it’s cool to have the interaction that we get here with you.

    BTW, are you going to be anywhere within say, 200 miles of Tulsa for any booksignings?

    1. No plans on Oklahoma yet. I’m doing a 5 state roadtrip in May for Grimnoir, but it is all west coast. Then I’m flying to Minneapolis in May and Greensboro in March.

  12. Congrats on making the bestseller list.

    As soon as my Uncle Hugo’s order arrives, this will be the ONLY book I have ever bought three copies of.

    Now get back to writing! I want that Dead Six book, and I’m not getting any younger.

  13. You also got a mention by instapundit. I wonder whether NYT or instapundit will drive more sales.

    Currently about 70% through MHV.


  14. Not only that but if you look at the numbers, you have now officially pased one MILLION hits on your blog! Not bad for an oversized accountant with a penchant for telling stories and blowing things up ;D

  15. Love the series, and I’m not a sci-fi/fantasy type of girl. Explosions? I love explosions, so maybe that explains it. I can’t wait for MHA to come out so I can dress as my own red-shirted self the following Halloween. “My costume? You mean you don’t recognize it? It’s a character from MHA but NYT BESTSELLING AUTHOR LARRY FRIGGIN’ CORREIA!”

  16. If MHV hit 27 then just think about how high MHA will go. Or Grimnoir for that matter which I think will be even better. Congrats again and how about an east coast book signing tour dealy? Lots of people live back east ya know, haha.

  17. You should put your name as Larry F. Correia on your books from now on.

    I just finished MHV yesterday and it’s freakin’ GREAT! I don’t want to wait until August ’11 for MHA….. arrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!

  18. I have been savoring MHV, reading just a few dozen pages each night to try and make it last and last night on page 205 you referenced my favorite online comic – Schlock Mercenary. I about flipped. Beyond writing a great book, you have taken the time to reference other great works. I hope that the Karma pays off.

  19. Read both of them twice – as a shooter, a monster nut, and a fan of stories about asskicking and strong women in general – BRAVO!

  20. I have to compliment you on the latest MHI novel. I was eagerly anticipating another installment and I was not disappointed. Great work once again and as long as you’re writing them, I’m going to keep buying them.

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