Shout outs!

I don’t know where my camera is, but when I find it, I’ve got to take some pictures for you.

A while back I got an e-mail from somebody asking if I was ever going to make an MHI logo Zippo like I mentioned Earl Harbinger using, and if not, would I mind if they made one for themselves. I said the same thing I always say about the logo, if it is just for your personal use and not to make money, go, use it, and have fun. I just like to get pictures so I can post them on the blog. 

But then I got a package yesterday. In it was an MHI engraved logo Zippo! 

It is awesome. Turns out it was cheaper to make a few than just one, so they sent one to me.  I love it. It is so cool I might have to go take up smoking or something! (just kidding, Bishop) :p

So thanks Laura, Phillip, and Jake of the St. Louis MHI team. It is much appreciated.

But while talking about pictures, check out this one from Iraq on a Blackhawk door gunner.  Boo Yah! That is tough.

Thanks, Monster Hunter Mesopotamia, A Co. 2-1 GSAB The Wraiths, badasses that rain fire from the sky.

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22 thoughts on “Shout outs!”

  1. I can’t wait for my patch!

    Also, I quit smoking three months ago (well, smoking real cigarettes. I switched over to an electronic cig and am just loving it) but I would SO love to see an MHI engraved zippo for sale. I’d carry that bad boy around and impress everyone.

  2. Hey, Larry, since it’s getting near to Halloween and all, what would you consider the best way to put together an MHI uniform/gear costume? I recall reading or hearing somewhere that the cover art on the books wasn’t really how you pictured it, so I figured I’d ask how you’d do it. =)

    1. Ditto this question, too! Guess I better see about finding an Airsoft Saiga for a parallel “Abomination Lite” build…

  3. Cool on the doorgunner patch! And dittos on “Where Can I Get An MHI Zippo?” (Let’s put it this way, any “prop” from the book that has an MHI logo, I’m probably interested in–too bad nobody in the Kitplane/Homebuilt community has a design for a Homebuilt Hind…)

  4. Hey, monster-boy, you don’t get off that easy. Bloody license the Zippo – I need one to go with the patch on my riding vest. Let the rest of us get one; although I’d be real interested in getting some of of those self-regenerating lungs to go with the habit….
    Seriously, please consider it. Hell, consider this a pre-order and tell me what I’ve got to do to get one.

    1. And while we’re putting in suggestions for products, how about some monster targets on the buy stuff tab? Just another way to make a few bucks. We buy dozens of zombie targets and I’d love to see some MHI monster targets downrange. I’d like my money to go to someone I get good books from.

      1. Better still–Larry, you have huge potential with this series, not just as books but as a Brand Name!

        Ever consider laser-etched MHI rail covers? (I plan to have one made for Abomination with space for an “autograph panel–yes, Larry, I’m gonna ask you to sign the beast once finished–but I’ll hold off if an “Official MHI Logo Product” is a possibility.)

      2. I’m in for rail covers. Maybe down the line a lower AR receiver with MHI roll stamp and “cowboy up” or “kill stuff” on fire select and “get paid” on safe.

      3. Make it with an 80%-PCR option too–some of us like to do our own “final machining”, less paperwork that way. (At least, for us in “free” states…)

  5. Going to try to send the video from our gunnery , depends on how good the internet is acting out here.

    Nothing more fun than burning through belted 7.62 like there’s no tomorrow!

    Speaking of burning, we set a tree on fire that time. Heh, oops.

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