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I’m sorry, but I suck at getting to the post office, and I’ve been utterly swamped all month. I finally bagged up all the patch and autographed MHI orders for the last month today, only to find out that I was short 7 copies of MHI. I thought I had another box of them, but it was empty. So I ran over to my local B&N, only to find that they were also sold out.

So there are 5 of your waiting for copies of MHI that won’t be going out today. I’ve got more coming. Should be here next week. Everybody else’s order up until yesterday is in the mail today.

I really need an administrative assistant. Maybe I can put one of my kids to work.

Shout outs!
EDIT: I'm not supposed to know about that certain thing yet...

14 thoughts on “Books & Patches update”

  1. Oh, so that’s why I’ve been waiting in vain all week for my signed copy of MHV. I was thinking it was the bookstore’s fault for the delay. So three or so days to get to the bookstore, and then 4 or more to get here to the house.

    *sigh* It better be a clear, legible signature, Larry. That’s all I’m saying.

  2. After november 2, there may be a lot of unemployed democrats from washington who might like a job as your administrative assistant. Of course, you really couldn’t trust them to actually use a paper clip safely or to not rob you blind so it might really be a bad idea. Never mind.

  3. Sounds like a really good problem for an author to have. More demand than supply. It sounds like my problem with ammo.

  4. Well that’s the kind of thing that happens when you’re a New York Times Best selling author. Administrative assistants, posh apartments in Paris. Pretty soon you’ll be eating caviar and drinking all manner of fine wines and chardonnays. Ooh, and really, really expensive chansaws aint never hurt noone 😉

  5. I still think that you should do a book about Bubba Shackleford and the creation of MHI.
    Something like that would be Awesome!
    Think about it-Western-Horror-Fantasy-Sci-Fi.

  6. The horrors… your books are sold out everywhere. That could mean two things.

    1) B&N vastly underrated your selling power,

    2) Your books are just selling so well that they can’t keep up.

    Pick your poison… congrats btw. Glad I interviewed you before all this mayhem and madness started. Let those other magazines and such jump on the bandwagon now. 😉

  7. Brendan… wouldn’t it be a Southern horror/fantasy/scifi instead of a Western? lol

    Much creepier in my opinion as a Southerner. 😉

    And I agree a Bubba Shackleford prequel would be freakin’ awesome!

  8. Couldn’t wait for my friend in UT to get me an autographed copy, so I grabbed one in Minot, ND today at the B&N in the mall.
    MHV was at the top of the rack of “New In Paperback”. Awesome, eye level and everything.

    Now I must weep, for I know I shall be getting no sleep for the next couple of days as I devour this book.

    P.S. Where do we order patches from?

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