27 thoughts on “EDIT: I'm not supposed to know about that certain thing yet…”

  1. No, thank you for seeing a niche in writing where readers don’t want to be distracted by firearm mistakes on every page. It was also probably due to your rabid reader base buying multiple copies of the same book. I mean, who does that? Oh, that would be me. Rock on, Larry and congrats. You deserve it for all the hard work and loyalty to your fans.

  2. Makes me glad I got one copy for each of the five branches of the local public library, it does.


  3. The series is pretty good. I’ve gt them both and am rereading them for the second or third time.

    It’s good lite reading.
    Good escapism.

    And I say that as a complement.

  4. Congrats Larry! You deserve it! I still remember the rather entertaining discussion/rant we had about the New York Times Bestseller list at Conduit.
    Congrats again! Your book rocks, by the way. 😀

  5. We saw nothing, Larry. Just some random congratulatory posts about how awesome your book is, nothing more.

  6. We can neither confirm nor deny the news that may or may not have been posted on this blog. Larry allegedly alleged to a bit of news that may or may not be factual and correct.

    All those who have made comments with a sentiment of congratulations allegedly made those comments about the supposed success of the Monster Hunter series. ™

    What we know for a fact is Monster Hunter Vendetta is currently for sale wherever fine books are sold. Get your copy today!


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