UPDATE – Uncle Hugos and Misc.

Okay, I got the books Tuesday, signed them all Tuesday night, and then Baen had them picked up by UPS… OVERNIGHT and Uncle Hugos got them late yesterday. Don and the gang have started filling orders so you folks that ordered autographed copies should be getting yours over the next few days.

Why did Baen send over 30o pounds of books overnight? Because they LOVE you.  Baen is awesome. 

In related news, I did a symposium at UVU yesterday. It went well. I think everybody had a good time.

MHV has still be hanging out in the 300-500 range on Amazon, which is excellent. I found out my Nielsen Bookscan numbers for the week ending the 26th, and they were great. I’m eagerly awaiting the stats for the period ending the 28th.

In local news, my kids found a mouse swimming in my wife’s glass jug of left-over cooking oil.  They freaked out. Welcome to Country Livin’ my little suburbanite children.  I’ve got yard deer and house mice and nothing between me and Wyoming but a mountain and a bunch of trees.  Life is good. I eagerly looking forward to the winter, when most of my neighborhood gets a case of the Yard Moose.

The rough draft of Monster Hunter Alpha is DONE. I need to go through and do a bunch of little continuity edits, then it is off to RFA. Probably next week, depending on what I can get done this weekend. I’ve got a book signing at the Layton B&N, and I love that particular store, so I’ll be there for a good chunk of Saturday.

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Updates on MHV release

10 thoughts on “UPDATE – Uncle Hugos and Misc.”

  1. Thanks for the love. No worries on the wait. I just came back from B&N with my bang around copy since I couldn’t stand it. Oh, and an extra copy of MHI so I don’t mess up my edition zero. Good thing I reserved a copy Wednesday. They were out today (Friday) way down here in South-Central Texas. Word has gotten around.

  2. Got my two copies from Hugo today. They may have come on Saturday; I was off in Atlanta for the week end. Anyhow that’s pretty damn good sevice from MN to FL in three days or less.
    Not to mention that a third copy that she had ordered for me was at my daughter’s house when I stopped by there on my way back.

  3. Rather of a late comment but for future reference I really, really wish you’d find an alternative to Uncle Hugo’s.

    Realistically speaking, it’s not their fault that the post office claims deliver when none was ever made but when it comes to caring, they fall flat.

    If the one guy is out, nobody can help and nobody cares.

    Two signed copies with my credit card hit 10/2 are MIA – probably already sold on Ebay.

    Uncle Hugo delivered them into the merciful hands of the USPS. I’ll not stir things up by contesting the charge.

    But they could at least pretend to care.

  4. Well, I belatedly decide under the “no crying over spilt milk” department…

    How can we buy replacement signed copies without going through the torture that is Uncle Hugo’s?


  5. In the “all’s well that ends well” / posting into a dead issue department…

    USPS managed to get the Uncle Hugu package delivered. It only took 16 days, waiting for one postal employee to come back from vacation, camping out with a beer and cigar at the community mail box (which wasn’t at all bad), badgering post person into opening all the oversized boxes until the Uncle Hugu parcel was located with the key to the box attached to the parcel – resulting in perpetual non-delivery until direct intervention by the USPS HRT Team was authorized.

    It only took 4 days longer overall than postage on chopsticks being sent from Hochiminh City.

    An aside to those relying on USPS media mail: “delivery confirmation” only means “the USPS has gotten rid of it” – it in no way should be confused with “receipt confirmation”. The two things can be, and sometimes are, utterly different things.

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