Emancipated Worlds Saga

Brad Torgersen is a friend of mine. Fellow Utah writer, Army Warrant Officer, and all around great guy, Brad has won the very prestigious Writers of the Future award, and has been having a lot of solid commercial fiction sales this year.  Brad is like me, in that we’re in the highly-opinionated/conservative end of the writing business. In order to get some more name recognition/exposure, he’s taking a page from my handbook and doing an online fiction serial. (kind of like Mike Kupari and I did with Welcome back, Mr. Nightcrawler before the MHI launch). 

Brad is launching a new online serial. It is mil-SF, and I do believe my readers will enjoy it. Go check it out. 


Book Signing tomorrow - Layton
UPDATE - Uncle Hugos and Misc.

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  1. Thanks so much, Larry! You are a gentleman for helping to get the word out.

    Prologue (and background materials) are available now, and I will be releasing a new episode (chapter) every Thursday night.

    Like I said on my blog last weekend, imagine the following movies and television shows in a mash-up: The Patriot, 300, Band of Brothers, Robotech, Firefox, and Battlestar Galactica 2.0!

    If that doesn’t whet your appetite, picture the original 13 U.S. American colonies taking on, not just the British, but the entire combined imperial forces of the British, the French, the Spanish, and every other world power at the end of the 18th century. Now project that conflict into the 28th century. Give them fleets of starships and high-tech weaponry. It’s a clash bound to rock our corner of the Galaxy, and beyond!

  2. Question I read the prologue and really like it. Are the books available anywhere in a eBook format? Sorry my Kindle has become as crackish as when you were selling those STI’s

    1. Billy, I don’t think Brad has released them yet. That’s why he’s doing the serial first, to build up some excitement.

      1. Billy, the plan is to release the consolidated serial as an e-novel on all the platforms: Kindle, iPad, etc, next year when the first “book” wraps up. So you’re seeing a book being done “live” in serial format.

  3. Okay cool, well that is how Larry turned me into a huge fan. So I will be reading and waiting some what patiently.

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