11 thoughts on “Okay, this made me laugh”

  1. Dang. A monster hunting werewolf that can turn into a hurricane? Isn’t that a bit over the top, Larry? I mean, Dracula could only do mist… 😀

  2. Wow!
    First STI, now the BBC…Hmmm.
    I see that the Correia World Domination Plan (TM) is comming to full fruition.

    Hail, Emperator, Hail!

    1. Just wait until the Correia GORILLA Marketing plan stars up. i have it on good authority they will be zombie gorillas riding armored zombie elephants. Honest.

  3. Larry,can you set up a debate between Nick Wolf and Dinesh D’Souza? It would be an amusing contest. Having either of them debate someone capable of logical thought is like pitting Krill against a whale.

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