Combat Wombats for Charity

Good news. Some of you already know Mystik Waboose. She travels the Convention circuit and sells cool shirts. She wanted to do a Combat Wombat shirt from the worlds of Tom Stranger. I agreed.  My share of the royalties on these are being donated to charity. Specifically, Operation Baen Bulk, so I can help pay the shipping on sending care packages to the troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  So this shirt is both awesome, and for a good cause.  I’ve cut and pasted Mystik’s message from Facebook below with the details:

Hi, The Combat Wombat shirt has just been released vor Pre Order. We will send the shirt to the printer on October 1st. We hope to be sending them out to arrive at the same time as Larry’s second release from Baen Books in his M.H.I. Saga, “Vendetta”.
The logo is a bold 11 inches from side to side and top to bottom.
Peop…le who Pre Order will be able to have a slogan added to the back. “Now With 70% More Wombat!” for no aditional charge. After Oct 1st the logo will only be available as a Special Order and will cost $5 more.

Prices are

Small to
X Large – $20 XLT – $23
2X – $22 2XLT – $25
3X – $24 3XLT – $27
4X – $26
5X – $28

Shipping and handling starts at $4. We give discounts for multiple shirts.

This is a Mystik Waboose Design with the original concept and artwork done by Rob Allen.
Larry Corriea is donating his royalties to Operation Baen Bulk to pay for shipping supplies to troops overseas.

I just tried the link to Mystik’s webpage and it seems to be down, but you can find her on FB at!/pages/Mystik-Waboose-Clothier/109151045780060?v=wall&ref=mf 

EDIT:  If you want to contact Mystik directly, e-mail her at: and put COMBAT WOMBAT in the header.

In related news:  I’ve got several hundred copies of MHV coming my way shoon to sign, and I’ll be sending them to the bookstore mentioned in the last post. I’ll post all of their contact information and an ordering link next week.

Also coming next week, I’m doing something else for charity. This time to help the daughter of a local who is need of a kidney transplant. I’m auctioning off red-shirts. i.e. you donate $50 to this charity, and I’ll take your name and use it in an upcoming novel. I can’t promise how you’ll die, but I can promise that you probably will. The body count in Monster Hunter Alpha is rather steep. (well, not Ringo-steep, but the events of MHA aren’t a good time to live in Northern Michigan)  🙂  Details coming next week, and I’ll steer you directly to the charity.

The Expendables
I need a headcount. Who wants an autographed 1st printing of Monster Hunter Vendetta?

23 thoughts on “Combat Wombats for Charity”

  1. ah man… i wish i had 50 bucks. i’ll love to be a red shirt dying in my own state. the great state of Michigan

  2. Awesome charity stuff. Probably get the shirt, gonna have to consult AwesomeWife about the 50 bucks.

    1. She said yes!!!! Whoo hoo, gonna be the best, most multi use 50 bucks I’ve ever spent!

      Help fix the kiddo’s kidneys, and get to be in an awesome story, plus die in some horrific way in said story!

      Life doesn’t get any better!

  3. Being from Ohio, I’m willing to shoot anything in that state up north. You gotta deal, Larry. As long as you don’t tear up my 3X Monster Hunter T-Shirt.

  4. What color shirt is the logo printed on?
    Or is it like CafePress where you pick the style?

    Does she have a non-Facebook, non-MySpace contact?


  5. My family’s from Da Yoop, so I gotta go for this. I just want to go down with a gun in my hands, not as some non-combatant running away in terror.

  6. I got two of Mystik’s Keldara t-shirts and they are nice. Her quality is above average and she’s just a nice person to deal with. Shipping was fast too, fyi.

    1. Keldara t-shirts you say? Niceee. I’m definitely up for a Combat Wombat t-shirt. Just like the MHI patch I’m sure it will make for an excellent conversation starter.

      Also how long do you plan on letting the red-shirt charity run? I’m a little strapped for cash (college student) but I was thinking of putting it on my birthday list 😛

  7. Are you going to be running you’re red shirt charity drive again? I would like to sign up, but I’m on my way to Afghanistan right now, and signing up to be red shirted just seems a little to much like tempting fate.

    1. I’ll do it again for the right cause. I’m just doing this one to help a local girl, but I’m sure there will be more in the future.

      And there are no Red Shirts in the US military. All of you guys are important. 🙂

  8. OK Larry, can you find another way for us to order t-shirts form them?
    I don’t facebook and even logged in on a friends account I can’t get a message to go through to them. I need a couple of these shirts but need a way to get through.

  9. Love the idea of the red shirts. However, I was wondering what the story is behind the combat wombats…or is there one? Hmmm…where did I leave that spare $50.

    1. PA, it all started in the Tom Stranger posts. If you go up to My Fiction, there’s a link to the first one, and it is a serial so you can go from one to the next.

  10. Wow… good thing I’m finally getting back to work this week. $50 to help someone in need (I’m a Mason; we like doing stuff like that!) AND I get to get killed off in a Larry Correia book? It’s gotta be in the budget.

    But like EJPedde says, I want to die facing whatever is killing me… when the Angel of Death comes for me, he’s gonna have to drag me kicking, screaming and gouging out eyeballs every step of the way.

  11. Just to show some regional pride for my family, can I die outside Munising? Long time Snowmobile Capital of the World, after all.

  12. Speaking of The Combat Wombat and Tom Stranger. Is there going to be more stories in that series, Larry? I’ve been having a blast reading them during slow hours in the office. Just like the Dead Six series on The High Road I’m currently reading.

    1. There will be more Tom Stranger, but I’ve been swamped working on novels. I’ve got another Christmas Noun to do also soon.

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