I need a headcount. Who wants an autographed 1st printing of Monster Hunter Vendetta?

Well, the time is almost here.  MHV officially releases in just over a month.

In the past I’ve just sold autographed copies here on the blog, which is awesome for me, and (I would hope) awesome for you, but there is one drawback to doing it that way. My blog doesn’t report to any bestseller lists. And one of the keys to building a writing career is to have your books show up on various bestseller lists.  MHI made it onto Entertainment Weekly and also onto Locus, both of which are big deals.  I’d like to get MHV up there too.

So, for this release, I’m going to autograph the books, and then they are going to go to a major independent book store. You guys can then order them from this particular bookstore. (and they’re awesome, so you shouldn’t have any issues there).  You get an autographed first printing when it first comes out, and I get to boost my stats. 

Once I get the details ironed out with the store, then I’ll go ahead and post who it is, and all their contact information.  

But I’m going to need to get an approximate headcount first, so I know how many books need to come to me first so that I can sign them, before I then ship them to the bookstore. So what I’d ask is that if you want to do this, please post in the comments below how many you want. Please be honest, because I want this to work out for the bookstore as well so we can continue to do this for future endeavors.

If you’ve got a blog or friends that are MH fans, please help me spread the word. I’d really appreciate it.

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239 thoughts on “I need a headcount. Who wants an autographed 1st printing of Monster Hunter Vendetta?”

  1. One for me and one for my friend Scott (who you signed a copy for at LibertyCon this past July) if you please.

  2. Mark me down for one. It’ll go nicely with my signed, self-published copy of MHI, which my wife didn’t get to read, because I made her buy a Baen copy to boost your stats. 😉

  3. Put me down for one!!!!!!! I wish they were being published in a quality PPB format to match your original publication.
    Any new patches coming out with the book?

  4. I’d like one Larry.

    Also, if you haven’t talked to Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore out in San Diego you really should. They are one of the best independent spec fiction book stores in the country. I know both Brandon Sanderson, Jim Butcher and Dan Wells have done signings there.

    1. Erik, I did a signing there last year with Dave Wolverton and John Brown. They’re awesome people, and it is an awesome store. One of my favorites.

      Plus they ship a lot of books to the Navy out of San Diego. I was the #1 book of the USS Ronald Reagan battle group. 🙂

  5. OH YEAH I NEED ONE> Can I get one on Sept 25th at the Jordan Landings Barns and Noble? 11:00 am -1 pm? I understand you might be there to do a panel and signing right?
    Mike Tanner
    Sectorfiveradio.com 🙂

  6. I’m in for one…goes well with the self published one. I’ll even let the pre-order I’ve placed at B&N stay around.

  7. I’m definitely getting at least one, Larry! I bought autographed copies of MHI for me and all my friends, but I think this time around I’ll make them buy their own copies. Haha

  8. OK, so I still have 3 copies of MHI (First printing, then two of the Baen copies, 1 with your autograph.)
    I’ll take another copy of your signature! (And I’ll use Amazon to pick up the copy that I will loan out.)

  9. Sign me up for one, Larry (and ping me privately, if it’s not TOO many, I might be able to make a bunch of MHI or Combat Wombat decals to go with them. . .)

  10. Me too. In fact, it you have any MHI copies, I’d go for one of those myself, my son took mine.

  11. Two please.

    I want one, and my good buddy Mike wants one. I turned him on to MH with the first book and now he can’t get enough!

  12. I’ll take one, too.

    BTW, Larry, are you going to be doing another book signing at the Jordan Landing B&N when MHV is released?

  13. Sign me up for one–and I’ll need to place an order with you separately for the corresponding patches. (Not quite the same as a personally-inscribed copy, but I’m glad to help with your stats so that you have one more thing to shove down the Marxtards’/Twitards’ craws.)

  14. Put me down for two.

    So for signed copies of MHI, should we continue to go through you, or will you be putting those up with these folks as well?

  15. I already pre-ordered on Amazon, but I can’t pass up another signed copy (i still have my original, signed self-published copy). Put me down for one, please.

    What price will we be looking at?

  16. ME! ME! ME! ME! I have to have one! Oh yeah and the husband says he wants one. So I guess that would make two. But you can make them both out to:

    To my dearest friend, Catherine…
    You go get’em girl! I have your back!
    Your friend, Larry

    Too much? =} You are a great writer.

  17. Count me in for one. The timing is perfect, I should be able to grab it before I hit my unit, if I can get some leave between AIT and having to report.

  18. Larry, it was good talking about wrist control and other self defense techniques at LibertyCon.

    Count me in for one.

  19. I’ll take one and let my dad have the pre-order I’ve got! When will we know which store we talk to for picking it up?

  20. I believe I’ll be investing in the company that makes Sharpies. Considerin’ the number of pens you will go through on this little project I could see a real rise in my portfolio, and you better start excercising your autographing hand, heh.

    Oh, yeah, put me down for two for sure. That way maybe I won’t lose my copy to my daughter the way the first original went.

  21. Please add a couple of more to your count please (call it five). These will make the ultimate gift for a few folks on my Christmas list.

  22. I’ll take two, and if you have any patches, I would like one as well.
    How about a “collector’s edition” that includes the autographed copy and patch?

    1. Please sir, may I have one?
      Love the idea, its a sign of a real thinker (or at least someone who knows the rules).

  23. LC:

    Count me in for 2 books.

    I already ordered one from another site. That will give me three…two for gifts, and one for me. 8^) BTW, MHI was tremendous! Thanks and please, keep writing!


  24. The way this thread is going you won’t have time to be writing anything except your autograph for a while, heh,

  25. I know I’m kind of late, but I was sitting here thinking I’d already pre ordered two copies of MHV. I’d like two, please.

  26. OK, I just took another head count and it seems I need 3 more. That brings my total to 5. What can I say,

  27. Damn Larry! Long list! Put the Basset down for 2. I’m still waiting for the Easton Press Autographed editions… Any word yet?

    aka basset

  28. I’ll take one please. Waiting for Amazon to deliver my copy of MHI, but I’ll buy from wherever needed to get an autographed first print. As long as they ship outside of the US (since The Netherlands does not count as part of US overseas territories).

  29. I was going to buy it at my local big box, but they seem to be having distributor problems. Or maybe it is because it is from Baen. It always seems to happen to Baen volumes.

    Can we still get an autographed copy from you?

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