House delayed another week – AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!

I found out yesterday that the house has been delayed another week. A week ago we thought we would be closing today. Well, heck, when we started this process, according to the ETA, we should have been living in the new house for a month now.  Building a house is an adventure. And not the good kind of adventure. More like the dreary middle part of the adventure where they walk to Mordor.

The downside of this is that the frustration level is high, the fact that we’ve got a large family crammed into a tiny apartment, and my total lack of workspace has meant that my writing productivity has suffered. The last few months have been the slowest that I’ve ever written.  I can normally do a couple thousand words in an evening and 10,000 in a weekend. Now I’m doing squat in the evenings and a couple thousand on the weekend. I need an office.  Badly.

Normally when I get frustrated, I can use my good old stand-by 80 lbs. punching bag.  20 minutes of knuckle-bleeding cardio punishment is a good stress managmeent tool. It is always there for me on those particularly annoying days. But it is in storage. Along with just about everything else we own.  And it has been. For 6 months. Wow. Thanks people who can’t stick to a schedule.

Plus, school starts next week. Which means we’ll get to move during the first week of school. Oh, and that means we get to commute to school again.  Three times a day now because we’ve got one in kindergarden. Yay. Oh, and my mother-in-law is coming to stay with us (bought airline tickets a long time ago, back when we thought we’d be living in our house for a month by now).  At least I actually really like my MiL, but it isn’t like I’ve got extra space.

My birthday is this week, so I’m going to go get all-you-can-eat sushi.  Raw tuna heals all wounds.

I need a headcount. Who wants an autographed 1st printing of Monster Hunter Vendetta?
St. Ronald speaks

20 thoughts on “House delayed another week – AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!”

  1. I feel for you. My wife and I decided we were not having children and bought a small 2 bedroom house. My MiL has been living with us for 2 years now. I liked my MiL before I had to live with her for 2 years in a house not really big enough for the 3 of us.

  2. Yeah, how do we donate to the “Keep Larry Happy and Stockpiled With Ammo” 501(c)3 Religious Affirmation Group? I mean, I already have purchased… jeez, 6 copies of MHI (people keep stealing my copies when I loan them out… bastards).

  3. Having worked as a finish carpenter for 3 years and paid someone else to build 2 houses in my lifetime, and having lived with my MIL both times at 6 months/move, I speak from experience when I say you had better PLAN on 2-3 more weeks rather than one.

    Builders and developers are NOTORIOUS in their ability to over promise and under deliver, especially when it comes to timeframes.

    My post is an attempt to offset that.

    That way, if you actually close in a week it is a bonus.

    BTW, noting is worse than closing on a house, paying out a large down payment where the check clears that same day, then having your first child, a special-needs baby which requires 4 days in the ICU and receiving a phone call from the developer notifying you that the closing didn’t go through because the house didn’t pass final inspection (due to the garage not yet being converted from a sales office) and your closing is null and void. “Oh by the way, we are keeping your money until the real closing goes through a MONTH later!”

    You can imagine the verbal homicide I committed over the telephone that day. It’s a wonder I didn’t get the cops called on me.

    1. I remember you talking about that. What a ridiculous mess.

      Well, fingers crossed that ours doesn’t go that bad! 😀

  4. By the way, that phone call from the idiot developer came WHILE I was up at the hospital with my son.

    It all worked out, but I can never dig up my backyard for a pool. Too many bodies.

  5. Sorry bout all the moving troubles, Larry. But look at it this way; here in TN, school started back a week ago. If it had started that early for you, who knows what kinda hassle that could have been?

    Happy early birthday, by the way. Mine’s this week, too. The 22nd.

  6. woof. Man thats a rough couple of weeks. And I am once again reminded of
    a. my MIL is a pot smoking happy go lucky hippie chick
    b. she lives on the other side of the country
    c. I bought my house 2 years ago…

    Good luck Larry. Hope that Sushi heals wounds. 😉

  7. Larry,

    If smoking some clays will help with the frustration, a couple of us are going to do a round or two of Trap or 5-stand at the Hill shotgun range this Friday around 3:00pm.

    If you haven’t been there before, it is about 3/4 of a mile in from the Roy gate. If your shotty is in storage, you can rent a pump or an over/under from the club. Anyway, it is a nice range, the weather forecast is sunshine, and it is an “off” Friday so most bosses are going to be gone… might as well go through two boxes of cheap Walmart ammo on the way home.

    If you are interested, shoot me an email and we can work out the logistics.


    1. Just stopped by the range. It turns out they are open Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. (no Friday hours)

      Oh well, skeet will have to wait till next Thursday.

  8. Happy birthday Larry. Mine is next week. And I am OLD. So old I can remember when this country had the best politicians money can buy. One of these days I would like you to define what you consider to be “liberal” and “conservative”,before checking webster’s. Our political language is so corrupted that to many “liberal” means spineless,hypocritical wimp (Tom Paine,Tom Jefferson?) and “Conservative” means vicious corrupt fascist (Teddy R.? Barry Goldwater?) I consider myself a liberal of the old school and have room in my compost bin for commies and fascists alike.

  9. Ah, the life of the rich writer and his trials of of his first-built McMAnsion, heh, heh, heh.
    I can really identify with you there L; best laid plans, etc.
    I made an offer on a place, offer was accepted, then everyone disovered that the seller didn’t have the authority ti sell his MOTHER’S house. This fiasco started back in May and my deposit is still in the escrow acount.
    See if you can use the failure-to-complete to get some money back – AFTER you move in.

  10. emdfl,the prelim from the title company should have been pulled by your agent very early on,which would have avoided this. Are you in California?

  11. It was a little more complicated then that. His mother had put the place into a life estate trust by the owner. Nobody was aware of this until the son tried to sell the place to pay for her care in an ACLF after she began to show signs of the onset of dementia/ Altzhimer’s disease.

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