Nickwolf REPLIES!

You guys remember Nickwolf, right?

He gave me a response!  This one is much shorter. Behold the greatest political thinker of our time. I have pasted it here without further comment.

I don’t want Fascists , treasonous Tea Gangs to get spell and grammar checked answers.
I want the street to answer them…..with facts and fists!

Not following the “law of the land” passed by a majority of duly elected government representatives is not patriotism …. it is the definition of Treason!
Scaring Grandma and shouting down Grandma at public meetings is exactly what
Fascists did to my parents in Italy. They are 90 and 94 and are not afraid of scum.

Who cares what people who have abandoned reason think. It would be like giving medicine to a dead man! (Thomas Paine)


Amen, Nickwolf. Amen.  Though I am a little confused as to why he wants to fight his parents to the death.

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48 thoughts on “Nickwolf REPLIES!”

  1. Nicky: you do the fists, I’ll answer long range shooting. Less messy (for me anyway) and I am too old for street fighting.
    PS: Having family that survived both facists and communists, they all agree on one thing: They have seen the likes of the old dictators in Obama.
    PS 2: Be kind to your folks. They made mistakes when they were young and even if you were the outcome, they should be forgiven.

  2. Not often do you get someone posting a quote that applies to them perfectly. When I think about abandoning reason, I think Nickwolf.

  3. He probably doesn’t see the irony in blathering about loving God and then quoting Thomas Paine in the same email.

    He also, like most of his ilk, probably doesn’t see the irony in making noises like “I’m a freedom fighter, yo!” while championing causes that would give the Federal Government complete, legally-binding control over every minutae of our lives.

    But then again, he apparently wants to fight his parents to the death, so who knows? Possibly English isn’t his first language, which might explain some of the grammar/spelling/syntax issues, if you’re going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Or maybe he’s just so angry he can’t type straight. Like the guy that rage quits Modern Warfare.

    1. > and then quoting Thomas Paine in the same email.
      Wait a second… Nickwolf was “quoting” Thomas Paine? Nightcrawler, I am in your debt for saving me from falsely assuming that Nickwolf was suggesting that Thomas Paine had become some kind of horror novel undead monster in need of Viagra. I thought Nickwolf must have mis-typed but then I remembered that this IS Monster Hunter Nation and then I started having Correia induced visions of 200 year dead politicians who after all these years needed a little help from a blue pill… MY HEAD WAS ABOUT EXPLODE!

      Then, Nightcrawler, I read your post and upon realizing that the great pamphleteer was being quoted, my “common sense” returned and for the rest of my life (or at least until next Tuesday) I will be in your debt.

  4. I’m still trying to figure out which law we’re not following. Is it the sit down, shut up, and don’t ask questions law that liberals seem to think that we passed during the FDR administration. Plus I think he should study the fascist dictators we’ve had in the past, their policies are more in line with liberals then with conservatives.

    1. > which law we’re not following.
      My best guess would be the California constitution per proposition 8… except for the confusion over wether it’s elected representatives via legislation or activist judges via summary judgement or citizens via ballot initiative who created the law.

      1. Rights can’t be taken away by popular vote or by legislation. That’s why their rights. This logic applies whether it’s the 2nd Amendment or the 14th (and if you don’t think marriage is applicable under the 14th Amendment I suggest you look up Loving v. Virginia).

  5. Yet another glimpse into the abyss of madness.

    I’m glad I’m on the side with the guns.

  6. This guy sure is harsh towards his two grandmothers.

    …Maybe that’s the reason for his typing? He’s psyching himself up for a deathmatch between himself and the two grannies.

    1. Man, my granny would have whipped my ass if I talked like that.

      That’s before my granddad got his mitts on me…

  7. Why is it that socialists are so violent?

    Mere words in a blog cause him to make threats. And he wants to engage in fisticuffs?

    You should invite him to a duel. I hear it’s still legal to duel in Paraguay … but I supposed you would have to buy this retard a plane ticket.

    1. Why are we so violent? Shut your face! That’s why!


      Nah I’m just kidding ya. Honestly I think violence and socialism do sometimes go hand in hand. There seems to be this vocal majority of people who like to talk about ‘Revolution!’ and ‘Bringing Down The System!’ but what they really want to do is go out and punch everybody who doesn’t agree with them.

      I call myself a socialist but I think most socialists are retards. Saying that though I do like a good riot…

      1. Mheh. At least you aren’t a lifestyle anarchist. ( Anarcism = wearing black and throwing bricks through windows? O.o Mahkno would be ashamed of ya … )

        Mind you, when someone talks redistribution of my wealth, I get an uncontrollable urge to look for rope, burlap, and quicklime, so I guess I shouldn’t throw stones.

      2. “Honestly I think violence and socialism do sometimes go hand in hand.”
        Sometimes? Stalin 35 to 70 million, Mao another 35 mill, Hitler with a measly 12 million, Pol Pot 2 million. Hell Che managed to kill quite a few a by his lonesome. As soon as they realize the non conformists are screwing up Utopia they start killing and “re-educating”.

  8. I love rants like this. The man has never had an original thought in his life. No one who thinks that Fascism is right and Communism is left has ever looked at the the systems in detail.

    “I love freedom, and will kill anyone who dares question our overlords!”

    Give me a break. We need to keep guys like this around just for the comic relief.

    1. “Questions will be answered with a bullet!”

      That’s how us socialists roll. Seriously.

      Might be time for me to pick a new team. Not conservatives though cause everybodys on their team and I’m a Lone Wolf! Sure they’ve got all the cool guns but who wears camo these days? That is so 1943.

      I might have to start up my own political ideology. How about Spacism? Basically I’m all about creating a sustainable space industry involving ALL of humanity and not just the countries that can afford it. The goal is to create cheap space travel so anybody can buy a spacecraft and get into space to exploit the abundant resources out there. It’s like socialism except in space, and nobody is getting sent to a re-education camp.

      1. Panticles: “Sure they’ve got all the cool guns but who wears camo these days? That is so 1943.”

        Man, I just hate to be one of THOSE… but I can’t help it. Camo didn’t come into regular use until the late 60s early 70s. It started to trickle into regular use in the US Army during the Vietnam conflict and, if I can believe my Dad who was there, wasn’t really all that well accepted by the troups then. According to him, they looked upon it like it was “Sniper” gear and back then Snipers didn’t enjoy the greatest of popularity amongst the rank and file troups.


      2. Thanks Stuart the Viking! I honestly didn’t know that and I’m always happy to be corrected when I’m wrong.

        I still hate you though. With an icy hatred that frightens small children and makes dogs howl in the dead of night.

        All the best!:)

  9. Whoa! nickwolf needs to stop huffing paint. Maybe he needs to mellow out by taking a few bong hits. Seriously he needs to change his illicit drug of choice and calm down.

    someone’s filled with hate here. Hint: not Larry.

  11. What I’m interested in seeing is how he’s going to get the street to answer Larry with facts and fists.

    That is an awesome sentence.

    1. Nickwolf will speak for the street, because the street has been oppressed by the white capitalist imperialists for so long that it has lost its voice.

      Nickwolf will be the voice of the street!

    2. Fellow streets of the world, too long have we been trodden underfoot. We have grown tired of having to bear under the wight being driven upon us. They may think us as low as the dirt, but we shall not be like them. We shall take a higher path, the one less traveled. Let us bridge the gaps between us, and merge into a glorious union that shall pave the way for the future!

      I know it’s an old thread, I just couldn’t resist the revolution of the streets comment.

  12. Panticles, Nicky’s going to have to find some facts first, methinks.

    And, judging from his rants, he couldn’t find his own backside with both hands and a flashlight, never mind the street.

    Plus there’s that whole threatening-gun-nuts-with violence thing he’s got going, as well…

  13. I’ve read that statement of his three times now and I STILL can’t figure out what the hell he’s saying.

  14. People like this are prime examples of the Internet Effect, the phenomenon that makes certain people 2 feet taller TWO (Than When Offline), 50 pounds lighter TWO, twice as beautiful TWO, 10 times as skilled TWO, and 100 IQ points dumber TWO (if that were possible).

  15. Still funny when read in Shatner-speak. Not as funny as the first rant of course, but that was probably a coke-fueled rant which took maybe 10 minutes to write whereas this was clearly written while stoned over a period of two hours, which is why it’s so oddly disconnected.

  16. So let me see it I’ve got this “straight” (or gay as the case may be)…

    Nickwolf is bitter because it turns out that his “parents” are a couple of 90 year old lesbian grannies who had some fascist “do it” to them back in ’39?

    And now, 70 years later, he is enraged that some tea bagger from the ninth circuit is going to make it legal for his parents to finally get married causing them to refuse to continue to refer to him as “our little bastard”. So enraged that he wants to feed his toothless mom and mom a couple knuckle sandwiches.

    Hey Nickie, I think your anger should be directed at that judge and not at the only women who ever loved you.

  17. I’m sure the folks in D.C. sleep soundly knowing that they have such a witty and erudite orator as Nickwolf patrolling the intertubes, defending the faith, and spreading the teachings of the (self-)Anointed One to us Great Unwashed.

  18. I would pay good money to watch this guy fight Larry. going to pick a fist fight with a 6 something 300 ilb guy. let me know how that goes

  19. Nick, on August 8, 2010 at 12:13 am Said:
    Rights can’t be taken away by popular vote or by legislation. That’s why their rights. This logic applies whether it’s the 2nd Amendment or the 14th (and if you don’t think marriage is applicable under the 14th Amendment I suggest you look up Loving v. Virginia).


    Except marriage is not a right enumerated in the text of the CA Constitution. It is a “right” the judges derived from penumbras and implications of other parts of the CA Constitution. The actual citizens of CA ratified an amendment keeping marriage as a male-female institution only.

    Constitutional Amendments are the ultimate trump cards in American politics. You can only overturn them with another amendment. The judge in CA who defied the clearly expressed will of the people of CA should be impeached and disbarred.

  20. As long as marriage confers legal benefits (tax status, insurance, inheritance, hospital visitation, etc, etc) then the 14th Amendment prohibits denying someone those benefits, as that would violate the principle of “equal protection under the law.” The US Constitution trumps the California constitution and voter referendums.

    Really, the simplest solution would be to change every legal reference to “marriage” to the phrase “civil union” and give said unions to anyone who applies, thus making the “institution of marriage” a solely religious question. But as long as “marriage” is a legal term as well as a religious one, it violates the Constitution to use it to treat people differently.

  21. The problem about communism is it’s very insidious. on the surface it looks good. equal outcome for all. the problem with that is simple. the people looking up automatically assume that the equal outcome for them is those lofty heights. the problem is, when you flatten out everyone, only a few ruling elite are on those heights, everyone else is ground into the mud. yes, the outcome for all is equal, equally bad. for those of you who are sci fi buffs, i’d recomend David Webber’s Honor Harrington series. Remember, Peoples Republic of Haven is where the U.S. i heading.

  22. I knew those were some good mushrooms on my pizza, because no one can be that moronic. God help us

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