The rough draft of DEAD SIX is done!

So Mike and I finally finished up the rough draft for Dead Six.  I kicked it over to my publisher today.

D6 hasn’t been sold yet, so this is a fingers crossed kind of thing. It is a thriller, and Baen is a sci-fi/fantasy publisher, so now it is up to Toni to decide if this novel fits in. However I’ve got a few things in my favor. Baen had great success with John Ringo’s Ghost, and then went on to do his entire Paladin of Shadows series. Dead Six is in the same genre as the Kildar. Plus Baen is also publishing Tom Kratman’s Countdown, which I’ve not read yet, but I understand is a contemporary military thriller, rather than mil sf.  So there’s that.

Secondly, Dead Six is awesome. It’s got all the stuff you like about thrillers: action, suspense, intrigue, conspiracies, techno-whatzits, shootin’ and explodin’, without the brain numbing stupidity rampant in the genre. I won’t name any names, (because I’m actually at the point in my career where I’m meeting many of these authors in person, and they’re super nice, and some of them might be able to beat me up, or at least have their bodyguards beat me up), but there are some national bestsellers in this genre that are just bad. I mean awful, stupid bad.  Plots that don’t make sense, characters that suck, etc.

Dead Six on the other hand, is badass, rolled in awesome, coated in napalm, wrestling sharks and bears, with laser eyes, while riding on a tiger-striped velociraptor monster truck… Yes. It is that cool.

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22 thoughts on “The rough draft of DEAD SIX is done!”

  1. So, when I finally get to read this, am I going to spend the whole book going “OMG, did you really just do that” like I did for Ghost?

  2. I have no doubt that it will be better than the Paladin of Shadows series, just based on what you’ve already posted. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Baen picks it up and publishes it soon.

  3. The “rough draft” has been done since January, actually. Since then it’s been clean up and editing and rewriting and more editing and arguing and still more editing.

    I consider what got submitted to Baen to be Dead Six v. 1.0. Baen will, most likely, demand changes of some kind. After those changes are made it’ll be v. 2.0.

    You guys have never read anything like Dead Six. You’ll not find another book where you love, and then hate, and then again love the characters, where you want both to win but know they can’t, or where you’ll actually laugh out loud in a deadly serious story.

    Remember, if you die, they don’t have to pay you.

  4. Yeah. Ghost. I remember reading it and having to pause to make sure the book was indeed published by Baen and not, say, Penthouse. It was like reading a Military Thriller crossed with Boogie Nights…

    That said, Dead Six sounds like loads of fun. And laser-eyed sharks? How can it not be awesome.

  5. I’ve read the early version on THR. Dead Six rocked THEN.

    And now you say you’ve added a heaping helping of Awesomesauce ? When can I buy it ?

  6. Firstly now I’m completely psyched for Dead Six, as I am with the rest of your wonderful “books-to-be”.

    As for Ringo’s Paladin of Shadows…I still don’t know how I feel about that series. It was so over the top in every way. But then again I’m a Ringo fan for life so…yeah. To best some it up I think Word Press sells a shirt that says “Oh John Ringo No”.

    1. Is that the one with the duck being violated by the squirrel on it?

      There are just some things that my imagination really doesn’t need to conjure up at times…

      1. Haha no but that would fit the series pretty well. I could never take the series seriously. Sure a one
        man terrorist slaying army is believable enough. But a man getting that much tail. No one is that lucky.

  7. I love the Paladin of Shadows series, and I’ve read the Dead 6 thread on THR twice, so I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.

  8. WOOHOO!!!! I can’t wait for it to be picked up and published. I followed the series on THR, and I loved it. Is Nightcrawler still rocking the FAL in this one?


      The book features the DSA FAL carbine, the FN Mk.17 SCAR-H (because in the world of Dead Six, FN can actually get their weapons into mass production), the M249 Para SAW, and one scene with a Benelli M4 entry shotgun.

      Lorenzo has his own arsenal, of course.

  9. Q: “So snippets?”

    A: “Remember, if you die, they don’t have to pay you.”

    Now that’s a dang good summation in a very few words.

    Pirate Bob, Reader Force Alpha

  10. Sweet! I hope Baen picks it up. I am looking forward to it, if they don’t will you guys self publish?

    1. They should, once you drop the $500 (or $450 for returning authors), Infinity is a no-lose scenario.

  11. The Paladin of Shadows series was awesome! Sure the sex was a bit much but fairly believable, by that I mean I think its entirely possible for a man to get a harem of teenage girls. It’s sick but plausible.

    And if you think I’m full of crap I point you towards Hugh Hefner and the playboy mansion. That series where he had 7 girlfriends just made me laugh. He’s 70 frigging years old! Its like he’s playing pool with rope! Te Awesome!

    Dead Six sounds awesome and I look forward to reading it. But if its not as good as I think it should be I’m going to dress up in a monkey suit and set fire to effigies of Larry while chanting anti-american slogans and smearing myself in honey.

    I take disappointment badly.

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