New MHI Patches for Sale!

Team Haven

Utah County – And this one looks better in real life than in the picture. It got kinda squished in this one. It is actually the same size/shape/color as the original MHI patch.

These patches are $5 each. (that covers shipping too).  The Buy Stuff tab has information about everything else I’ve got for sale if you want to stick these with something else. My Paypal is that’s an L not an I in the first part. If you dont’ like Paypal (understandable), e-mail me and I’ll send you a mailing address. If you are international and you are just getting patches, stick another buck on there, since contacting the post office about shipping rates to every single country on Earth is time consuming. 🙂

If you like B-Movies, you need this book
New patches are here!

14 thoughts on “New MHI Patches for Sale!”

  1. Have you looked into they used to go by

    the gun friendly version of paypal basically. I’ve been using it and its workin great for me

  2. Have you given any consideration to making stickers of these as well? I really don’t have anything I would put a patch on. But some kind of MHI sticker on my motorcycle luggage would be fantastic.

      1. I should have phrased that better. Is there any chance of a sticker version of any of your patches?

  3. Those look great! Who designed the Team Haven patch? I was hoping that would be your next contest, but I guess it’s already done.

  4. Awesome Larry! Must have. E-mail is inbound.

    How about a challenge coin next? And maybe a new patch contest with the release of MHV? How ’bout it?

    1. As of today I’m up to the ones that were ordered by the 10th. I’m hoping to get caught up this weekend.

  5. Patches arrived today Larry, very awesome. Especially the Team Haven patch (may have to get another to put on a ball cap). Thanks, looking forward to the next contest.

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