E-ARC of Monster Hunter Vendetta, available NOW!!!!!!


The Early Electronic Advanced Reader Copy of MONSTER HUNTER VENDETTA is available NOW!!!!

This is the e-book, put out several months early for those of you who just can’t wait for more Owen Z. Pitt monster-shooting action.  It is downloadable to your Kindle, Nook, Ipad, or other reading device (like your computer!)  It costs more than the regular e-book, but you’re paying for the premium of getting it early, and also pointing out the various places where I screwed up before it hits the paper version.

So go for it!  (and let me know what you think)  What are you waiting for?  All those monsters aren’t going to kill themselves!

Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent in Arbitration at Mordor Station
Ask Correia 4 - Idea Management

46 thoughts on “E-ARC of Monster Hunter Vendetta, available NOW!!!!!!”

  1. OK, I snagged it. Hey, can you let them know that they forgot to do the mobi/kindle version? It’s not that big a deal because I can convert it myself to that, but others might not be able to.

    1. Skip, I just saw on Baen’s Bar that they’re having some technical difficulties. Also, I’ve heard that the italics are missing. 🙂

      And that’s why we do Earcs!

      1. Yeah, the ‘Read Online’ link is also broken, as are the unzipped versions links. But I have it, and have converted it for my kindle, so all is good.

  2. Curse this unemployed, no money thing!

    In a few weeks, (hopefully) there will be cash again. Then I will have more Monster Hunter. Yes, yes I will.

  3. Be patient with any errors, please, the guy who runs Webscriptions is in the hospital (or at least was at last report), so other people have been filling in to get things done.

  4. i will buy and print and put in three ring binder then sell on street for 30 dollars markup! get rich now!

    haha only a joke!

  5. and it is a story full of ass-kicking guntastic awsomeness. Which is impossible to put down.

    Thanks to Baen & you for ruining any chance of my doing some work today

  6. Oh yeah, bought this morning and I must plead the fifth when it comes to reading between calls – I do tech support in a call center 😉

    But so far it FREAKING ROCKS!!!

    Mr. Trashbags had me in stitches LOL!

    1. Call Center, yes, it is our busy time so I can’t do that now but I think I read half of the Free Library last winter at work between calls 🙂

  7. Evil marketing genius…I was debating figuring out who has my copy of MHI and rereading it before buying Vendetta but the humorous blog posts have lowered my resistance to spending money and I am going to go buy it now. Please more Tom Stranger too (he would be great in a short story collection…)

    1. Re technical difficulties mentioned above. It is fine. The actual content totally there. When I did chose online had to click on the chapter number a second time and then got the text instead of the error message. Was a bit alarmed when the table of contents referred to Mark Van Name’s Children No more (am actually planning on reading that too but Vendetta first) but each chapter I checked seemed like 100% Correia. Okay gotta go read now.

  8. I’m unfamiliar with the process. If I buy it am I limited to one download to one computer, or can I download to home, work, laptop, IPhone?

    1. I’ve never had a e-reader, so I’m not sure, but I believe that you buy access to unlimited downloads. Baen doesn’t have any sort of DRM.

    2. You are not limited. Any time you need to download the book you just sign in on the https://www.webscription.net and click on Order History which is next to Your Account.

      All of your orders are listed separately. Just click the name of the book you want and it will take you to the download page. Any time. No limits, no codes, just remember your webscriptions password to log into the site.

      I’ve purchased about 40 or 50 books that way in the past few years and never had had a problem. (Wow, I was a bit surprised at the number while scrolling through)

      Have downloaded to a new computer after a hardware crash, been able to read online instead of downloading when I am visiting my Mom or otherwise away from the home PC. I can even download the one book I bought in 2000 it is labeled in my history as “Legacy orders from previous store system but the download page is just like for any of the other books.

      They try to make it really accessible, for philosophical reasons see http://baen.com/library/ for Eric Flint’s essay on the subject also the free library has many great books to while away the hours while waiting for Monster Hunter Alpha

      Hope that helps.

  9. This time I’m not going to do what I did with MHI the first time, and read it in 14 hours and have to wait nearly a year for a new Corriea book to come out.

    I’m going to take my time with MHV; maybe spread it out over a couple of days.

    I’m on page 87 right now and loving every paragraph.

  10. I dunno; I don’t have an electronic reader, I’m too old to want to fool with one. I think I liked you better when you were just a poor starving author self-publishing your book for your loyal readers, heh.
    Will the initial dead-tree edition be a hardback, or trade paperback publication?

    1. Paper back. It should be $8 cover price.

      Personally, I’m not fond of the whole “starving” thing. 🙂

  11. So it turns out that I did exactly what I told myself I wouldn’t do, and read the book all at once.

    I’m finished with MHV, and it was awesome! So many great scenes and characters, it’s impossible to pick out what I liked about the book the best.

    Larry, your writing style seems to be getting better with each book, and I can tell you that I liked MHV more than MHI, which I didn’t think was even possible, because I love MHI. Great job!

    I can’t wait for TGC. Hopefully Baen releases an E-arc for Hard Magic as well, because they’re worth every penny you pay to get the book a few months early.

  12. Read the whole thing at once and loved it.

    Only noticed two typos, both in — I think — chapter 15 “Franks extend[ed] the HK” and “a noise-a-catch” is not spaced.

    Laughed the Penny-Arcade reference and the name that inverts light. As far as the Franks character, you are a wonderful person. Hope that is vague enough to not spoil it for anyone.

    I’ll be getting this in paperback once it’s out.

  13. so what should i do when i find errors? mail them to you? to baen?
    loved the fist book anyway 😀

      1. ok.
        Earl paused for a long time, trying to think of what to say. “It don’t matter.”
        should be
        Earl paused for a long time, trying to think of what to say. “It doesn’t matter.”

  14. Oh god oh god…. just read the preview chapters and im having gods own hard time not buying it early….. Must at least wait till friday yesh the ring err book must wait…..

  15. you sir are an evil genius, bought it and couldnt put it down, i will be hurting at pt in the morning, one of the best damn books ive ever read cant wait for more mhi badassery!

  16. Bought it and read it last night.

    I will never look at lawn ornaments the same way again…

  17. Just finished. Now I have months and months of DTs and visions of pink [undead] elephants until I can get my my next fix of CorreiaCrack.

  18. You have surpassed yourself.
    This was supposed to be candy for the brain… I wasnt supposed to get all misty eyed.
    Next book online next week?

  19. Excellent, excellent stuff. My wife has a lawn-gnome downstairs riding an owl. It’s making me twitchy now. And I absolutely, positively LOVED the epilogue. I’ll say nothing more, other than I was apparently being dense about Julie.

    I gotta say though, this is only holding me over until Hard Magic. I got hooked hardcore on that with the sample chapters. Can’t wait!

  20. I LOVED it. There were just two minor errors:

    1 The word “y’all” is a contraction of “you all” and I don’t think I have ever heard a real southerner use that word to refer to a singular person. Y’all is said when addressing a group of people. Sorry, southern thing. People not from the south get that one wrong a lot.

    2 When there is a fire in a sprinklered building, only the head above the fire sprays water. Contrary to what you see in Hollywood, every head does not go off (unless it is a deluge system, but that is not seen in the type of building where it was used here)

    I know it is nitpicky, and I loved the story. Can’t wait for the next one.

  21. Typographical errors in the html version.

    Some idjit didn’t use a proper unicode compliant text editor.

    Susan keeps getting referred to as Owen’s ” fiancé ” on my firefox browser.

    1. OK, manually futzing with the font encoding fixed it … but that data should be embedded in the page meta tags when you do something non-standard.

      Someone didn’t port things over properly.

  22. Lovin your stuff so far. I often read either snippets or Baen’s free books and decide to get a copy. I just wish there was a way to order a paperback/hardcover and download the e-version to read while you wait. One would probably have to figure a way to prevent those that would d/load then send the hard copy back /cancel just to get something free, but maybe not.

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