Go forth and purchase the awsome that is CITIZENS!


Citizens is a new sci-fi anthology just out from Baen.  Do you ever read Mil SF and say to yourself, this author has obviously never been in the military? Yeah, bugs me too.  I’m a cake eating civillian but I’ve spent enough time in the world of guns & military contracting that somebody pontificating about a life that they obviously don’t understand gets really annoying. That won’t be an issue here. Each story is military SF, and every author is a veteran.

I’m plugging the heck out of this anthology because some of the authors are friends of mine, and they’re a talented bunch.  Here is the list of stories that I stole from a review on Amazon.

– Field Test (Analog, 1976) by Keith Laumer relates the first use of a Bolo Mark XX Model B.

– Allamagoosa (Astounding, 1955) by Eric Frank Russell tells of the trials of a navy ship returning after a long voyage to find that the Inspector General will soon be visiting them.

– Exploration Team (Astounding, 1956) Murray Leinster concerns an illegal colony on a planet that receives an unexpected visit from a Colonial Survey officer.

– Superiority (F&SF, 1951) by Arthur C. Clarke considers the risks of new technology. This seems to be a recurring theme in military and naval SF.

– The Horars of War (Nova 1, 1970) by Gene Wolfe illustrates the comradery of war.

– Fireproof (Astounding, 1949) by Hal Clement shows the strange effects of a weightless environment.

– Peace with Honor (Analog, 1971) by Jerry Pournelle relates an incident in the history of the CoDominium.

– Under the Hammer (Galaxy, 1974) by David Drake presents an untrained recruit with a situation.

– Time Piece (If, 1970) by Joe W. Haldeman talks of Heaven and Hells in the Forever War.

– Neither Sleet, Nor Snow, Nor Alien Invasion… (first publication) by Dave Freer reveals the power of Political Incorrectness.

– Light (first publication) by Kacey Grannis recounts a mysterious intervention within Iraq.

– The Question (first publication) by Patrick A. Vanner gives the response to an innocent question.

– The Price (first publication) by Michael Z. Williamson examines the thoughts of a small group of dedicated warriors.

– Earth’s First Improved Chimp Gets a Job as a Janitor (Cosmic Tales, 2004) by John Ringo introduces a genetically modified human to another — but older — genetic mod.

– The Long Watch (American Legion, 1949) by Robert A. Heinlein presents a serviceman with a conflict of loyalties.

Here are some samples and the intro by John Ringo. http://www.webscription.net/chapters/1439133476/1439133476.htm

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7 thoughts on “Go forth and purchase the awsome that is CITIZENS!”

  1. I love sci-fi anthologies even more than hairy-legged hippie chicks love bean sprouts and pine needles!

    I’m buying this thing right flippin’ now!

  2. “Superiority” should be required reading for everyone in Military Procurement. Check it out.

  3. I got this in the mail on Tuesday after a looong wait. I have to say so far my favorite story is Allamagoosa. I have rarely laughed out loud while reading a story, sure there’s the occasional smirk or snicker. But I read this during class and busted out laughing and everyone thought I was crazy. Great collection 🙂

  4. I agree on Allamagoosa — it’s a great story. I wish Baen could get the rights to more EFR stories (my favorite of his is “I Am Nothing”). Also, even though I’ve read it dozens of times, I *still* get choked up when I read RAH’s “The Long Watch.”

    A mix of great classics and some equally great new stuff, you cannot go wrong with this anthology, IMHO.

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