22 thoughts on “2 free sample chapters from Monster Hunter Vendetta”

  1. I told myself I wasn’t gonna read it, I’ll wait for the whole book so I don’t torture myself waiting, and… dammit. Looks really good, Larry. Looking forward to the rest of it!

  2. Once again, I applaud you as an author and curse you for a tease.

    I wonder if Section Six is like the “special” floor that many jails have. When I toured the Nashville jail (on business, I assure you), that was the floor where they kept the gays so the straight prisoners wouldn’t fight over them. When I asked innocently if fighting for the right to engage in extracurricular activities with gays didn’t contradict the description of the other prisoners as “straight,” it was explained that the phrase “it’s better to give than to receive” has a whole (no pun intended) meaning in lockup. If you are a giving person, you are straight. If not, then not.

  3. chupacabras? I have been working up a Fan Fic for WTA that starts with chupacabras. Complete with the oft quoted line, “Chupacabras? Why does it have to be chupacabras?”

    As for preorder or wait for autographed copy, that’s easy, BOTH. Preorder so it is on the records for Baen to see and definately have to get autographed copies.

  4. You’re killing me, Larry. I really don’t wanna wait five more months to get any more. To borrow a page from Owen’s playbook, is there any chance we could settle this with some good old fashioned bribery?

  5. Once again, you can not tempt me into making myself crazy by reading a snippet and not getting any more wordcrack.
    Not going to do it, no, no, no no NO!

    You evil, evil man.

  6. I hope the E-arc will be out really soon, as I would love to read this before I have to go off to Basic. You just HAD to put up two chapters to get me all itchy to read the rest! I’m taking my signed copy of MHI to AIT, and I hope there is an opportunity to get a signed copy of MHV.

    1. You’re a powerful man, Buckley. You’ve been in space. You’ve been to the future. You’ve been killed by zombies, dinosaurs, aliens, and werewolves, yet somehow you keep coming back. 🙂

  7. i can see this is going to be another example of “wait a long time for a book i’ll devour in a weekend”

    so this guy owen is fighting, i guess he’s some kind of fade? where’s the MHI battle airship?

  8. Bastard, more I needs more. I am so going to make my two buddys read your book to turn them off that black libary drek. please sir can we have more?

  9. I just went to the linked web page and I was hit number 7400 on chapter one.

    Larry, you are definatly “that famous of an author”. 7400 hits on an obscure web page in 13 days… this bodes well for book sales.


    1. ‘7400 hits on an obscure web page in 13 days…’

      Obscure?!?? Hrmph!

      And if we want to get picky, it’s been up since mid-December.

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