Good News! Grimnoir release date earlier in 2011

It looks like The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic, will be out from Baen in spring of 2011, so in the earlier part of the year. When I know the month, I’ll let you guys know ASAP.ย  The feedback on the snippit rampage was excellent.

Also, I’ll finally be making it back down to the south. I’ll be attending LibertyCon in Chatanooga the first week of July.

2 free sample chapters from Monster Hunter Vendetta
Talking to myself in the dark

39 thoughts on “Good News! Grimnoir release date earlier in 2011”

  1. Hmmm, mayhap a trip to Chattanooga in July would be a good idea.

    Just to ummmm, look around, of course.

  2. Hey Larry have you ever heard of Jonathan Maberry? I just picked up his novel Patient Zero and it strikes me as the sort of thing you might enjoy.

  3. Please let me know if you do! I could probably somehow manage to make the hour drive down… maybe… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Conversely, our house might be finished with its remodeling by then, if you need somewhere to crash (pending Better Half approval)…

    1. Linoge, thanks for the offer, but Travelocity got me a pretty sweet package deal with a hotel. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Never let it be said that Baen Books doesn’t listen to their fans and respond accordingly.

    Bravo, Baen, that’s why we love you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. hey, is there a web site that shows con’s? i’m really into sci-fi. and of course your jazz mr larry. i’ve never been to a con but i’ll really like to go to one. i’m from flint, mi.

    i hear about random cons here and there. though they either pass me by or probably too far away to attend them ^^

  6. I’d offer you a place to stay but I’m a bit too far to commute. However, I’ll definitely plan on coming to my first con in order to meet you.

  7. Larry

    Any chance you can get some MHI t-shirts going from cafepress or somewhere else? You could probably fill the place with horny smiley faces without any problem.

  8. Sweet! Now the cruelty of posting the frist seven chapters of HM is not so bad. It’d be awesome to go down to Chattanooga in July… What day is the con?

  9. Speaking of buy stuff, Larry I sent a paypal order for 3 patches your way a couple weeks back and haven’t heard (or seen) anything. Whats the word on the next batch of patches?


  10. Do you plan to come to Colorado at some point? More specifically, some where near Colorado Springs, CO? I have only met three of my favorite authors in person. I actually had the privilege of working with John Stith on several defense projects – he lives here, hard science fiction author, several books, TV screenplays. He’s a very nice man. If you like hard core science fiction, he is the Man. He also has this detective, Nick Naught, in short stories in Analog over the years, that is cripplingly funny.
    The other two authors were Laurell K. Hamilton and Dick Marchinko [SEAL Team 6] at book signings.

    1. Ralph, last year when I toured with John Brown I went down the freeway from Cheyenne to Denver, but I didn’t make it to Colorado Springs.

      I’ll be doing it again, but I don’t know where we’re going to hit exactly yet.

  11. So, Larry, what exactly will you be doing at Liberty Con? Book signings? Writing panel?

    Also, I’m not sure if you have an answer to this question or not, but do you know if MHV and Hard Magic will be released in hardback first, or will they go straight to paperback?

    1. There will be a signing and at least a couple of panels so far. I was talking to the organizer this morning about which other ones they’d like me on.

  12. Larry, you live in Utah. South for you technically is Arizona. And when are you going to be heading this way again?

    1. Harm, I want to hit Phoenix again like last year. I don’t know when yet, but it will be sometime after Vendetta releases. I want to tour with John again, (whole lot cheaper that way!) but his next book doesn’t come out the same time as mine, so we’ve got to split the difference.

  13. Although overall I very much liked the snippets of Grimnoir, my head exploded at the descriptiong of the *armored* *dirigible* *warships*. Seriously? Magic is magic and you’ve carefully limited it, that’s fine. The macguffin is a Tesla artifact which may or may not work, and his Peace Rays (C&C Tesla Towers, perhaps?) may at least be theoretically possible (didn’t see any clues in the snippets), so that’s fine so far. Airships in commercial service actually offer some advantages – especially in that time period. No problem at all. But who in their right mind is going to use a lighter-than-air ship as a primary combatant?!?! Do I need to list all the ways that is horribly wrong? The USN’s history with airships was bad enough that in peacetime they were able to demonstrate their impracticality – despite having helium for lift and the best US AND German developments to work with!

    Please promise me that if you’re locked onto the warship-airship thing we at least get to see a USN Active toss a fireball into a Japanese ship and turn it into a Hindenburg writ large?

  14. If you’re in mid-Michigan and need a bed or good meal, my family and I are happy to let you crash at my place. Backyard produce, venison, and little kids who love monster stories. Can’t get all that at the Ramada!

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