32 thoughts on “You can't hardly contain this much awesome on one internet. The Nuge and MHI.”

  1. Daaaayyyuum. That’s an endorsement if I ever saw one!

    I’m surprised your blog didn’t self-implode from that much awesomeness.

  2. Just one more reason to call Ted a blood brother.
    What is needed number of PUFFs collected make you an honorary member? I need a goal.

  3. Wow, that’s awesome. I’d say you can officially consider yourself a better than author than that Shakespeare guy, Larry.

  4. “Hi! I’m Ted Nugent. People around here think I’m awesome. While that may be true, what I have here on my person is what makes me awesome. No, not this lovely EEEEvil black assault rifle, or even my rakish Border Patrol ballcap. While those do make the dial go to eleven, this here MHI Patch cranks the dial all the way up to “Awesome” and snaps the little bugger right off.

    Y’all have a nice day now.”

    /Ted Nugent Impersonation

  5. Be still my itchy trigger finger.
    We shall bow at the feet of Awesomeness and strive to meet the lofty heights shown to us by his Nugeness.

      1. not only a fan he sent her [from what I understand] 2 signed copies dedicated to her ,of his books.. 🙂 IFreakin cool ain’t it?

  6. I just clicked on your page a moment ago and saw the awesomeness that is the Nuge. About five seconds ago, I heard a long, lonesome wailing sound outside. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is true…Chuck Norris just cried.

  7. As has been said before. Monster Hunter isn’t just a series of books, it’s a movement! 😀

    Go get ’em Nuge!

    I got my patch in the mail the other day. It’s pure awesomeness.

  8. The patch is magic. Don’t ask me why. I convinced a fellow shooting club member to buy MHI and he has nothing but praise for the book. We had a match last Sunday and I brought my cap with the patch just to make him jealous. His face lit up when he saw the patch…. and I didn’t have the heart to tease him. I gave him the cap as a gift and you would think I gave him 10,000 round of his favorite ammunition. He does have to buy a patch for me though……
    He also works and modifies Siaga shotties… I just know his mind is already working on his version of Abomination 😉

  9. One down, two to go–now all you gotta do is get The Chuck and The Fred into the game…

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