Well, we're screwed.

Get ready everybody, because things are really going to start to suck now.  If you thought it was bad before, just you wait.   We’re bankrupt and can’t pay our existing entitlements, so we just created the biggest one in history.

The dems are excited because this means that though in the short term, they’re all going to lose their cushy jobs, in the long term, America just took  another giant leap toward socialism.  However, since none of them can do math, they’ve set us up for an epic collapse before we even make it that far.  I have no idea what is going to happen.

Nancy Pelosi said that this moment in history would make our founding fathers proud… Bitch, George Washington would run you through with his sword.

Okay, I need some happy news: Wall of Flame 2
More healthcare crap

21 thoughts on “Well, we're screwed.”

  1. Years from now our children and grandchildren living in a 3rd world America will ask “What were you doing on March 21st 2010 and why didn’t you stop it?”

    Sadly I don’t think even MHI has the power to stop the monster congress just created. This bureaucratic monster of epic proportions is not affected by silver bullets or fire. It can only be stopped by the courts now.

    Remember this isn’t health care, it’s health control.

  2. It’s official. With the Government take-over of healthcare, we are now Officially the USSA (United Socialist States of Amerika). I’m sick to my stomach at what these parasites have done to this great nation.

  3. Nancy Pelosi said that this moment in history would make our founding fathers proud… Bitch, George Washington would run you through with his sword.

    Quote of the Day, right there.


  4. Listening to Pelosi’s speech last night, and later Obama’s victory speech, I wondered if this is what it felt like to hear the words of men like Hitler and Stalin before shit hit the fan. The dark and ominous foreboding. The insane cheer for the death of freedom. Someone told me things could never get that bad in America. But isn’t that what the moderate Germans were thinking before the rise of the Third Reich?

  5. When I left the house this morning I thought it was just another day, but I’d forgotten that the healthcare bill had passed. I called a guy who posted a classified ad about a shotgun; turns out he was an agent of the Obama Thought Police (established, of course, by a little-known line item in the healthcare bill) and had orders to haul me away to the reeducation camp. Luckily, I produced my ACLU membership and my copy of the Communist Manifesto, and assured him that not only do I hate Jesus and love Lenin, but I follow pregnant women around telling them to abort their babies. He let me off with a warning.

  6. I truly believe in my heart and in my mind that this bill shreds the Constitution. There is a chance, slim though it may be, that there may be some redress. I sincerely hope that there is. Their methods of incrementalism just went too far. Pray that the redress happens. There are those in our Country that took oaths, oaths that were sworn to a God that we believe in, oaths that REQUIRE action if redress is not forthcoming.

  7. Whats this? Apparently George Washington is not oly America’s first President, but one of America’s first monster hunters. I hope his sword was made of silver, cause its gonna take a lot to take out Master Vampire Pelosi. She did just get done sucking America dry, so she should be feeling pretty strong about now….

  8. Scott: What part of the Constitution, exactly, does this bill “shred”?Even the Nebraska Attorney General who’s planning to file suit hasn’t said on what grounds the law should be declared unconstitutional. Congress has the power to tax and spend (“The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States”) and to regulate interstate commerce, and the necessary and proper clause gives them pretty broad powers to decide exactly what that entails.

    I really don’t understand the hysteria here. Conservatives didn’t like Clinton’s health care bill either, but generally speaking their arguments were based around spending and bureaucratic inefficiencies, not around this widely spread notion that it was somehow the first step in creating “reeducation camps” and a Socialist Thought Police. Why is it so different this time around? Conservatives rightly called out liberals for making ridiculous comparisons between Bush and Hitler, but they seem to have no qualms about making comparisons between Stalin (a man who killed more people than Hitler) and Obama, based solely on the grounds that he’s supported a bill mandating universal insurance. Seems kind of hypocritical.

    1. Good point Nick. Here is a better solution to this socialist bullshit you are promoting:

      Amendment 28: Congress make no law respecting medicine or its provision.

      This would require states to regulate drugs and such, but would be a small price to pay to sink this crap. If 37 state governments are getting ready to sue … well, they can pass an amendment just as easily.

      1. Wait, so I’m “promoting socialist bullshit” because I don’t care for hyperbole and I don’t think that the term “unconstitutional” should go the way of “judicial activism,” where it basically means “anything I don’t agree with”? The Constitution should be respected, and an accusation that lawmakers have violated that document is not something to throw around lightly anytime you dislike a piece of legislation. There are legitimate arguments against the healthcare bill; consitutionality is not one of them.

    2. Since state legislatures regulate health insurance provided within their individual states, the 10th Amendment is one place to look. Forcing people to purchase unneeded and unwanted insurance is another possibility, which again is such a massive extension of the commerce clause that even the current Supreme Court will probably have some qualms. Driving a car and having car insurance are optional – I know folks without cars. But for the Feds to say that I, a celibate woman who does not smoke or drink and who carries a very high deductible insurance policy, will have to pay for fertility and ob/gyn coverage, along with drug rehab coverage and can only have a $500 (for example) deductible, is wrong and unfair.

      I would much prefer to see 1) medical tort limitations and reforms, 2) the ability to purchase interstate health insurance so that it is portable, rather than having to buy a new policy every time I relocate for work, and 3) serious enforcement of the anti-fraud laws for Medicare and Medicaid. There are others, but that would be a good place to start.

    3. It is socialist bullshit, Nick.

      You are taking money from people who earned it, at gun point, and giving it to people who didn’t.

      You are also effectively nationalizing 17% of the economy.

      The Socialist Party of 1934 would be having orgasms over this crap.

      If you don’t like being accused of supporting socialism, then maybe you should stop doing it?

    4. Oh … and I do agree, that the current route they are taking, confiscatory taxes, probably meets constitutionality tests.

      Which is why I propose an amendment outlawing this crap.

  9. Which part of the Constitution gives the Federal Government the authority to force a citizen to engage in commerce by requiring him to buy a product from a private entity, under penalty of fine and imprisonment?

    The argument is that since the Supreme Court hasn’t told Congress they can’t do it, then they can. That is contrary to the spirit of the Constitution itself, which defines what government CAN do with the idea that to do anything more it would require amending. Creating the income tax required the 16th Amendment. So did Prohibition. No one tried to argue that the General Welfare clause alone gave the government such sweeping powers.

    These days, such quaint ideas have been dismissed.


    There ain’t no rules anymore.

    Some people think that the insurance companies are getting taken to the wood shed on this one. I don’t think so. Each citizen is required to be a customer now. Their stocks went up after the bill was passed.

    Some people like to pretend they’re just reasonable pragmatists and that they’re above petty ideology, but mostly they’re just kidding themselves. 🙂

    Prediction: A Value Added Tax will be proposed in the next few years to fund this thing (in case anyone hasn’t been paying attention, the country is broke). The VAT will be in the form of a national sales tax that will be implemented on top of the income tax. It’s what Europe does to fund its welfare state, and the powers that currently be are fond of the European Model.

  10. The Feds have the power to regulate interstate commerce, and for some reason, that’s the power that get’s cited when they claim this law is Constitutional, even though there hasn’t been an explanation into that. Since they ONLY have the powers specifically outlined in the Constitution, ANYTHING they do outside of those boundaries IS UN-Constitutional. Not that much of what they have been doing for a LONG time isn’t against the Constitution, but this just may be the straw.

  11. Oh, and if you don’t understand the “hysteria here”, then you really haven’t been paying attention to history, OR current events on a world wide basis.

  12. Wow…the 21st was my birthday. I really wont be forgetting the day freedom really caught ill if this isn’t repealed post-November ><

  13. I’m a liberal, the dreaded interloper here. I’m not any more happy about the bought-and-sold nature of our “elected” government than any of you are. But it would be easier to see your arguments as viable if you also castigated the people on the conservative side who helped lead us into this mess, most notably Reagan, beginning 30 years ago. Why don’t you look into how a “deficit” state was seen by some neocons as a preferred state, as a rationalization to cut programs like university funding and so forth. Why is it that social programs that benefit children and elderly and handicapped are the resident evil but all of the money we funnel into the bloated and corrupt military industrial complex is okay with you guys? I don’t blame you for being livid about the state of affairs. I am, too. But I think you’re misguided if you think the enemy is the liberal. We’re as distressed by a government beholden to corporate interests as anyone is. And frankly, when you vote for those who uphold the interests of insurance companies and other obscenely subsidized companies (yes, take a look at corporate welfare) you’re voting against your own self interest. Any of us who buys the status quo is voting against the interest of just about anyone except the top 5% of the wealthy. But boy do they have a lot of people duped into buying and fighting for their agenda.

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