25 thoughts on “Cover art for MHV”

  1. Although, for now, I’d settle for a larger version of the picture!


    You know, a version that is on my desk… with a lot of paper behind it… and some words on those paper… 😉

    Even in its eensy form, though, it still looks good :).

  2. It’s so pretty…..

    Is it going to go out in paperback, or is it going hardcover first?

    Gonna have to get pics in Iraq with MHI and MHV. Was going to do it stateside, but the acft have already left.

    1. The last ARC (Weber’s book) came out 6 months before it’s release date (July release – Feb 5 ARC). ~MHV ARC April 5?

      Please, please, please Ms. Toni, offer MHV as an ARC.

  3. Nice sell on the sexy angle there too.
    If the cover represents the inside as well as the first one, you are going to have an even better best seller!

  4. its good but julie is a lot hotter than that. and the ancient ones are more evil lookin’ than that. actually i guess its ok. but it means the book is on the way and put that way its great.

  5. I’m probably jumping the gun here…

    Signed editions, maybe becoming available at some possible time in the future?

  6. Looks absolutely amazing! Cannot wait to read it. (Not that I’m judging the book by its cover… MHI was a great read and I can’t wait to see where MHV goes!) =)

  7. Awesome! Larry, are you doing anything special for the release of the second book? Signed copies/patches etc? =D

  8. Cool art work, but is Julie wearing contacts now? I agree with rick, Julie is hotter and the monsters more evil looking. And the guns should be bigger.

    I can’t wait, my son can’t wait (he’s re-read MHI 5 or 6 times), and Amazon tells me I can pre-order it now.

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