I'm participating at a writing workshop at BYU

This is John Brown’s baby, I’m just tagging along to help out.  Here are the details:


I’ll also be on a bunch of panels that weekend.  (last year I was a guest, this year I’m a SPECIAL guest, which I suppose means I’m moving up in the world)  If you like to write and you can make it, I recommend LTUE.  It is a blast.

Hitler finds out how much the Bushmaster ACR is going to cost

17 thoughts on “I'm participating at a writing workshop at BYU”

  1. You guys want to kiss some author ass? Smuggle Larry in some caffeine at BYU. They have the strangest rules at that institution.

    1. Facial hair, Mt Dew & shorts. The second, third & fourth reasons why my degrees are from USU and not the “Y”.

      The first reason was that being an Aggie allowed me to live in my mom’s basement until I was a proper 26 year old “menace to society”.

      I sure hope Larry has the good sense to shave and disarm before taking the University Avenue exit.

      Disarm? Larry? Oh yes, we should not forget that BYU is the only university in Utah where concealed (and open) carry is not allowed. Poor naked Larry. He will probably spend the whole seminar with his right hand compulsivly traveling from his ankle to his hip to the small of his back searching for something that is missing.

  2. I will see you and John there. That certainly sounds like one workshop I am going to have to sit in on.

    And don’t worry Larry, I will have various forms of caffeine on hand.

  3. Unless things have changed recently, you can wear shorts at BYU, just not BYU-I. And the no-carry rule is administrative in nature and applies to students & staff only (none of BYU is posted).

    1. I just like the mental image of a lethal weapon like Mr. Correia getting all twitchy in front of a bunch of the most well-manored students in the country.

  4. Larry could never be unarmed, he IS a weapon.
    Besides, that is the true art of carrying concealed, you conceal it so that no one knows you have it.
    Ultimately, only the bad guy gets to find out, the hard way, with much pain and unnatural ventilation on his person.

  5. I’m going to be helping my mom move that weekend, so it looks like I’m missing it again this year. Crap. Oh well.

    Hey Larry, I just finished reading MHI. Lotta fun, I’ll recommend it to my friends.

  6. I’ll be in the crowd, for color commentary and to just generally have a good damned time with everyone.

    Oops, I said damned. Gotta remember to leash my tongue while down at my sister’s school.

    Me, I was a foul-mouthed U of U dropout, and effin’ proud! Just don’t tell my bishop…

  7. Hey Larry, I’m so proud of you and your writing
    you are truly doing the world a justice thru your
    hard work! I’m so sorry about the gun store!
    See ya around, give me a text if ya ever have time to go shoot!

  8. Hi, Larry. I’m trying to get in touch with you about doing an appearance at a sci-fi convention, but I have no clue how to get in contact with you. Can you send me an email and I can tell you more about it?

  9. I SO want to go to that convention. Just happens to be the same weekend as a scout outing.

    I really would love to hang out with other Sci-Fi authors and get MHI signed.

    Next year maybe?

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