18 thoughts on “Hitler finds out how much the Bushmaster ACR is going to cost”

  1. The list of quality combat rifles below that price is extremely long. The vast majority of those rifles are well proven designs and come from quality makers.

    If you can’t get a quality rifle, optic of your choice, and plenty of magazines and ammo for what the ACR is going to run you, you aren’t trying. Unless you have a thing for the FN products (FS2000 or SCAR), you’ll come in well under that.

    They’ve priced themselves way out of the market.

  2. IF the 1500 bucks would be ALL the options (all the barrels/receivers/stocks/ etc) it might be worth it. . . You DO have to admit that the modularity of the Masada is rather nifty. . .

    1. The modularity means nothing, especially at that price. The AR family is already that modular- two pins and you go from a heavy stainless barrel .223 for long range precision to a 16″ 5.56, then to a .450 SOCOM or 6.8SPC.

      I just fail to get all excited about being able to swap barrels to go to 6.8SPC. There’s another major rifle family at less than half the price that can do all that.

  3. oops. they want $2500 for the base rifle ? That WOULD be a fail. . . OTOH, they don’t have mass production, do they ?

  4. $2500? Really? Screw that noise, man. My FAL cost that much. Let me describe my FAL, folks. It was built by DSA of Illinois, to order, in the exact configuration I wanted. The receiver is forged steel. The lower is forged aluminum. The internals are coated with Robar NP3. It has a trigger job, too.

    THAT cost me $2500. A built-to-order rifle from a small manufacturer. Now Bushmaster/Remington (or Ceres, right, the parent company?) are saying they can’t mass-produce a half-plastic rifle for less than that?

    I guess they have to raise the price so as not to cut into their AR-15 sales, though.

    Pass. Larry, you drop $2500 on a battle rifle it better be a .308.

    1. I like what you did, think I’ll do the same thing, if I ever have that kind of money again. Been drooling over the DSA that they have at the PX since it came in.

      1. Where are you stationed that AAFES sells guns? They do at Eglin AFB, FL, but that’s the only place I’ve seen so far.

  5. @Phil, Fuck that, for that price you can get TWO Sr556’s or TWO Sig 556’s plus a few mags and maybe a little bit of ammo.
    OR you could get one of either a metric ass load of ammo, mags and go to a carbine training class. Fuck Bushmaster.

  6. Got to go to a gun show today, it was a local thing so there weren’t a whole lot of options. Got to drool over some colts and a fully loaded sks 😛 I love guns

  7. The ACR looks cool and all but I’d rather throw that kind of money at getting an SBR Arsenal SLR-107UR AND a Tromix 8″, SBS Saiga 12 conversion…if I had the money that is.

  8. I was sold on the ACR when MagPul said between 1200 and 1500 bucks. At twice that PLUS for the step up model, plus optics etc. on top of that? And it’s plastic? I don’t care how damn nice it is, for that kind of money I expect it!

    Sig has their 516 coming out, Microtech Augs for a grand give or take a few, The F2000’s been out a few years now for 2k, plus almost any other arrangment of rifles on the market. This is ridiculous.

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